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  1. Where the title is registered they try to update in just five working days, not sure where you are getting your 3+months from. Looking at their website they are currently taking nine days to process sales where the title is already registered. Where new titles are created, they advertise the following completion times; The current average completion times for new title applications are: first registrations: 26 working days new leases: 66 working days transfers of part: 49 working days
  2. Estate agents play no part in the registration process. The purchaser's solicitors lodge the paperwork. Where there is a mortgage, the mortgagee will pay close attention to the completion of the registration. It is impossible already to register a sale without a sale price as it is an integral part of the conveyancing document. #conspirasytheory #fullofholes
  3. Leasehold is there to provide a mechanism whereby covenants between each leaseholder and the landlord can be enforced against other leaseholders. As previously commented on, it also provides a mechanism whereby common parts are defined and their maintenance provided for. leases have existed for centuries without problems and can continue to exist. The fact some companies have bastardised this into a profit mechanism on houses is disgraceful.
  4. The address on the land register is not the address that the landlord lives at, it is the address to which he wants official notices sent to.
  5. Ruth Davidson would be a good choice, shore up the Scottish vote, the gay vote and she is pretty down to earth too.
  6. The green area has been transferred out of the title by virtue of a transfer of part. The reference number you refer to is in fact the new title number given to the triangle once it was removed.
  7. You are confusing the issues here, it matters not whether the borrower owns the land over which he requires access, what matters is that they have a right of way (easement) over it. This is what the lenders pay their solicitors to check. And yes you are right, without a right of way, the house is pretty much worthless unless it can be shown that an easement exists by virtue of acquisition by prescription.
  8. Couldn't get my ticket at usual place as it is being dismantled due whatever company going into administration according to the engineer who was taking it apart. I didn't realise it was a franchise, thought it was the official company. I think the £2 price hike may have damaged one of the products.
  9. An auction sale would not be excluded for simply being an auction sale.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29799937 Sorry to disappoint the BBC haters out there, BBC pointing out that the figures are based on actual Land Registry sale prices and not mortgages. 0.2 is hardly magnificent but the headline helps.
  11. Many people are paid in arrears myself included. Four weeks would not be a great problem.
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