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  1. Haven't you guys worked out yet that you conclusively can't move markets by spamming the internet?
  2. Not to mention the slight inconvenience of the updated graphs pointing to no crash!
  3. Renting for a decade, well I never! Did you never think of using some of your £100k a week currency gains to buy somewhere? Oh and if you're such a clever so and so why didn't you buy somewhere back in 96,97,98,99,00? At least we can see why you're such a bitter and twisted being, who wouldn't be having to pay 200% more for a property today compared to 95,96. Couldn't have happened to a nastier guy! KOTC
  4. Hi CrashIsjustafigmentofyourimagination, Tell us that really funny one where you pretend you make £100k on the currency markets again will ya!
  5. Sound like nice areas Slater, no feaking wonder you're having to drop your rents That's the thing with you, you realy think you're "it" whereas the reality is you're too up your own ass to miss all the opportunities around 24/7 /365. I guess that's what happens when you're given an empire as opposed to actually building one!
  6. Over the next six months instead of posting 1,500 posts on here and god knows how many on Singing Pig you could always use that time more constructively and get a better job/set up a business. Probably an old fashioned view point, but there you go Regards KOTC
  7. Hi TTRTR, I'm not too sure what you're trying to prove with this thread, because you wouldn't buy it yourself due to location/ex LA etc [as you said] and you're more inclined to buy circa 6% yield. Now call me old fashioned but I'd consider this way too low a yield, with maintenance taken off [and assuming no voids] you're simply making what you would in the bank [5%], You've got no guaranteed capital appreciation, and even if you did have you'd have to sell it to lift it ,as there simply isn't the cashflow there to remortgage into. My most recent purchase will net me 13% yield, on purchas
  8. I never quite grasp how people like you focus on only 6% of mortgagees. You're too investor focused in a non investor dominated market mate. You see that's how I'm right and you're plain old fashioned wrong. Stick with your charts, CFD's, calls and whatever TF and leave those who know what they're talking about to comment. KOTC
  9. Hi again MBGA, You can get fixed rates to mitigate the risk of rates rising [complex stuff eh?] there's even a 20 yr fixed rate around 5% if you're really risk averse. So IR's going back up really aren't an issue are they? As for paying 90% of your initial payments in interest, yes you're right , however this is with a traditional 25 yr repayment mortgage, the obvious thing to do is over pay [which you'd be able to afford on only 3x joint income] The amount you need to over pay to bring a mortgage down, time wise, by a large amount isn't very much at all, simply because as you rightly po
  10. Hi Rich, 3X joint income, what pray tell is wrong with that? Bearing in mind the money you lend to buy the property is [relatively speaking] for nothing, I really don't see your gripe! I 'm honestly shocked that you're complaining about having to borrow 3X joint income! Such a tough old life eh? Regards KOTC
  11. Hi MBGA, Small villages only, no terraces! Just who do you think you are? You're going on as though you can't afford a single brick, and the reality is you're just starting out in life, so you have to crawl before you can walk. Beggars can't be choosers, we all had to start out on ground level, why shouldn't you? Buy what you can afford and work your way up, by bettering yourself within your work or better still your own business. So for example, rather than spend your time winding bulls up on Singing Pig and "gloating" [still not too sure what it was you were gloating about, but never
  12. Hi OM, I hope you don't mind me pointing this out , I know you bears are a bit slap dash when it comes to timing and dates but this is getting ridiculous .......... KOTC
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