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  1. Don't think this has been posted but makes good reading... although I suspect most people on here could have told everyone this a long time ago Thisismoney
  2. If the BOE start dropping rates whilst the US are continuing unrelentlessly raising, it's a effectviely an admission that we are so screwed they need to devalue the pound. I don't think they'll be doing that in a rush, or without some new fluffy target from a certain chancellor. (eg. including HPI in inflation targets again so that it stays low )
  3. Excellent i've just found my signature... "For the mortgage whingers this year's "mortgage stress" is the flip side of last year's self-indulgence. Ignorant of history and deaf to the warnings, too many believed that the asset-price party would go on forever and that their own position was impregnable. So what was inherently highly risky behaviour seemed safe; after all, everyone was doing it. "
  4. lol on their website they're selling it for £59.95 the crash is here already!! http://www.propertyinvestorsoftware.co.uk/index.php
  5. LMAO oops - well spotted 88crash. FAO Mr Wriglesworth's Solicitors - comparisons between Mr Wriglesworth and Chemical Ali were wholly unintentional and no offence was intended. He talks bull but I'm sure he doesn't go around launching chemical attacks on FTB's or STR's. Apologies.
  6. VOR & ianbe - wise words. Clearly, he is a vested interest but that doesn't necessarily mean he has to talk complete and utter nonsense everytime he opens his mouth. He should take a leaf out of Miles Shipside's tone of late, although representing another VI recently he has sounded quite sensibly and rather bearish of late, quite a contrast to the 'Chemical Ali' sounds of Mr Wriglesworth.
  7. After a lengthy delay the hometrack report is finally on their site: http://www.hometrack.co.uk/index.cfm?fusea...sitem&newsid=98 Mr Wrigleswoth is full of his usual bull: "We expect prices to resume their long-term inevitable upward movement before the end of the year, fully compensating for the recent falls....... A more stable interest rate outlook, ongoing low unemployment, and rising household incomes will all help support rising house prices by the end of this year. Commentators, forecasting a housing market crash will soon have to again revise their forecasts, as the reality
  8. Wowser that's a beauty - that's why you're a super user!!
  9. Can anyone explain the concept behind the BOE targetting CPI rather than some of the other inflation indexes. I'm sure they must have had some logical arguments at the time. (at least I hope so) It seems strange that since BOE independence we have probably had one of the strongest consumer spending runs in a long time, and yet CPI has remained very low. I guess the trade deficit is one clue as to why this is the case but it still doesn't seem to stack up to me.... Can any of you clever people (not you dogbox ) enlighten me?
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