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  1. In a strange way that reminded me of the interview with the Iraqi Information minister a few years ago. He was interviewed in Baghdad, and angrily denied that American forces had entered the city. Que the American tank rolling past in the background Face it Krusty the game is up
  2. How in her warped mind can she link insider trading to HPC.co.uk I wonder if that interview should be re aired on national tv in a few years as we hit the bottom of the slump
  3. Not 100% sure if this applies to Northern Crock, but when I worked for a bank (2002 - 2004) the "discounted staff mortgage" was more expensive than the best buys on comparison sites
  4. Had a sheepish think we should have waited mate, maybe bought a smaller place and maybe took out a longer fixed rate deal. Comment from a friend who bought a 3 bed semi as his first home 2 years ago.(female nesting instinct ) 2 year discounted mortgage rate due to finish soon. Having just worked out with him what he will be left with once all his neccesary outgoings are paid it is the princely sum of £33 a week :angry: I am now in the process of convincing his other half that they need to flog the expensive car, replace it with a cheaper economical model. Look at one / both taking on part time work as well as thier full time employment. Rent a spare room out, cut up the credit cards and start to live within thier means. However she seems hell bent on carrying on as they are
  5. Yes just what we need. More pressure on the BOE to cut rates
  6. So lenders will no longer be going cap in hand to Gordy for some more lovely clean taxpayers money
  7. The construction industry is a pain in the ass when it comes to paying. However they are not so slow to issue 7 days notice & abandon the site if they have not been paid :angry: :angry:
  8. Complete ******** the nearest "most" people round here get to £900 is once per month when they get paid. Why do people believe this utter crap :angry:
  9. However today at work, the Heat magazine/Big brother/Ant & Dec/I'm a celebrity brigade began to question the 2.5% rate of inflation, when over the past 12 months even they have noticed the substantial increases in prices. Be very afraid Gordy, the sheeple are restless
  10. Can anyone actually tell me what is measured to get the magic figure of 2.6%.
  11. I have moved back from a rented shared flat roughly £475 a month to cover everything, back to my parents £150 a month to cover everything. The Polish who were our neighbours are off back to Poland for good in May. Best decision I made as I am saving a fortune in rent/food/gas/water/electricity/council tax. I have also reduced my daily commute from 16 miles each way down to 2 miles each way. Tightening my belt to ride out the rough times that I expect in the not too distant future
  12. But everything is ticking along just nicely. Gordy told us on tv this morning
  13. Were Americans surprised that the sun rose this morning
  14. I am in Clayton le Woods. Good to see a few local people on here
  15. BBC News @ 10 The toughest year for 10 years inflation up, growth down & house prices flat or falling. Says Merv King
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