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  1. Down 14.35% I hope they pull the DJIA down to a sub 11k close.
  2. Yes if the trade is carried out via the London office.
  3. I am lucky that I currently have a very good local coin dealer a short drive away, if you can find a reputable one they could be worth their weight in gold. Try searching on http://www.bnta.net/index.php to see if there are any members in your area, if you do find a reputable one I would recommend getting to know them a little and building up some trust on both sides. It should help ease any fears / suspicion you have and provide you with a decent local outlet to sell back to in the future should you want to, plus they will know you and you may be able to negotiate a little on the buying / selling premium you are charged. I have found jewelers / pawn shops not worth selling to, but it can be worth keeping an eye on what they have in and at what price, say perhaps a careless member of staff puts out a full sovereign with a price tag that looks like it should be on a half sovereign. Last year I purchased a full sovereign and a half sovereign from a local pawn shop for £150, however this tends to be the exception rather than the rule.
  4. Have a look in here http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showforum=50 Before this thread ends up hidden in there.
  5. Bullionvault Gold money Coin invest direct Bairds Chards The hundreds if not thousands of other coin shops in the UK Hatton Garden Metals E bay Craigs list HPC / GEI
  6. I might buy a bit more gold and silver, don't want to miss the boat.
  7. Welcome to my world. There has to be more to life than 30 years of scrimping and mortgage debt slavery in order to try and own a pile of bricks on a very small crumb of land? Right.
  8. Hmmm not looking good for our proposed work in Swansea. Still it is one place I can cross off my lunch list.
  9. Seek and ye may find camp pop singer on horse tranquilizer. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=47865
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JGLMPEH8YQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0QnMzzRboY
  11. I thought it was one of those 3 story jobbies crammed on to a plot the size of an A3 sheet of paper. Or are they "coach houses"
  12. Ribble Valley - I might live there one day (Ribble Valley that is, not in that house)
  13. £3.5 million for a 70's white goods pokey dump in Brighton. Or this.....
  14. I wouldn't mind these cameras, think of the times in a station I could put my bag down, wander off triggering the terrorist alarm, return 30 seconds later pick the bag up wander down the platform again and put it down. Rinse and repeat until my train arrives of I am shot half a dozen times in the face by a Police Officer following shoot to kill Common Purpose orders.
  15. 2005 was an election year, house prices stumbled and the economy looked set to dip in to recession, manufacturing tanked. A quick cut of interest rates by the impartial BoE and some more cheap debt ensured Labour won and Brown got his shot at playing PM after bLiar. Remember folks it was a global problem that started in America, completely unpredictable.
  16. Eee them was the days £45 a pint or two of mild and a bag of pork scratchings.
  17. I would pay £4k for it and keep my motorbike and fishing gear there.
  18. I keep as much of my silver as possible in air tites to protect it from scratches, damage and tarnishing. The rest is in non PVC plastic bags and tubes, then put inside tupperware containers and kept in a cool, dark place. When it comes to selling silver I have noticed on ebay the good condition, looked after rounds in air tites tend to sell for better prices than damaged / tarnished ones. Yes it is all 1oz of silver but the condition and numismatic value can often add a premium. How many people pick the torn / tatty newspaper or dented drinks can in the shop when there is a pristine one next to it? I have a variety of bars and coins / rounds from 1oz to 10oz and scrap silver. I buy mainly bullion rounds as I want as much physical silver as possible for my money. However I am susceptible to purchasing small numbers of more expensive, collectable coins should they look pretty and I guess they have a slightly higher resale value and demand in the future.
  19. They have had a few decent offers on over the past few months. £13.50 per oz posted and more recently £14.85 for Buffalo rounds and Sunshine Minting Silver Eagles respectively. I am struggling to find anywhere else that can come close to those prices for posted physical rounds.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAtVUx8_Rps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvEPPsC3Xfs Well it has been a while since we had a TFH thread.
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