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  1. Why does the Bilderberg need to discuss Facebook?
  2. C I Silver Bullion have a 'special offer' Morgan bars for £15.99 posted.
  3. Still no comments have been published. The Daily Wail journos must be knocking together some anti CGT comments to post.
  4. The latest report on the BoE pension fund should be out in June / July.
  5. People must be desperate to get hold of physical!!!
  6. Leave a large Richard the third proudly perched atop a toilet roll castle in the toilet bowl, with the seat left up.
  7. There was only 1 pan am round left this morning when I tried placing an order.
  8. If a Daily Mail reader wakes up and discovers the milk on their doorstep pecked open and fouled, they think it was an illegal immigrant wot dun it.
  9. Punishing those who took excessive risk, greed and corruption by bankruptcy?
  10. It is the terrorists in Icelands fault. Since they started that volcano up to prevent Gordon Brown flying round the UK electioneering I haven't been shopping on the high street in case a plane falls out of the sky.
  11. The road tax on my car has reduced from £120 pa to £90 pa, deflation it is.
  12. Hie thee hither that I may pour my spirits in thine ear. Well what has landed on my desk this morning? An instruction to come up with a budget for making some industrial units (that are soon to be empty) exempt from rates. The original desire had been to subdivide and sublet them cheaply to small businesses and start ups, but the moneygrabbers from the government and council appear to have put the kaibosh on that, off with their heads it is. A wonderful example of more joined up thinking from our statist overlords.
  13. Did the Irish kick up much of a fuss when the various emergency budgets in Ireland cut a lot of public sector salaries?
  14. Aah the beloved business rates. Ours work out at £2k pa per employee, ask the council what you will receive for the £8/9k pa they wish to extort from you.
  15. If I don't mark my assets to market can I pretend to be a millionaire too?
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