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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/bsp/hi/politics/live_event/
  2. What the fook does the North-West Collaborative Commercial Agency do?
  3. The house my dad bought 5 years ago doesn't show up online, neither does the house my brother bought last summer. Both purchases took the normal EA / Mortgage / Property chain transactions route.
  4. I still have a lot of pent up demand for Kelly Brook, a Caribbean island and a Learjet.
  5. I always fancied living on a boat until I spent a week on a friends narrow boat on the Leeds - Liverpool in January. I imagine it would be pleasant from April - October and thoroughly depressing November - March.
  6. Should keep houseprices falling in non paper money like gold and silver.
  7. TMT could you kindly ask someone from the DVLA to hurry the ****** up and issue me with a new driving licence photo card as the last one 'expired' in April and the dickwads at the DVLA haven't yet sent me a replacement. They cashed the cheque at the beginning of May. :angry: Thanks
  8. Naturally it's all the Con Dems fault for failing to lock in the recovery Gordon started.
  9. Tis true I was in a similar situation with a colleague who had shares in Northern Wreck and Bratfraud & Bingley. I poked my nose in and said I would sell them ASAP, but they was his pension innit and share prices always go up. I got screamed at as each one was nationalised because I had somehow in saying I would sell the shares ASAP entered a time machine and forced the banks to make appalling business decisions in the past.
  10. Leave your colleague alone and let them make their own mistake. If it goes mammaries North after you poke your nose in you will end up getting blamed.
  11. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/about/humanresources/pensionupdate.pdf http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/foi/information_class8.htm http://order-order.com/2009/03/31/bank-of-england-pension-fund-surges-betting-on-inflation/ http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2009/03/31/54240/the-bank-of-englands-gilty-secret-betting-on-inflation/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/6646330/Bank-of-England-staff-pension-fund-shuns-Gilts.html
  12. By the time of the budget the government will have borrowed more than the £6 billion it is supposed to be trying to cut.
  13. What happened in April? Snow, World Cup or Volcano?
  14. I thought this may be of interest to readers of the PM subforum. http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/view/mineweb/en/page32?oid=106074&sn=Detail&pid=92730
  15. After reading the first 5 pages of this thread I decided to travel home tonight at 100mph+ down the bypass.
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