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  1. I have no intention of buying in the UK, unless all properdee porn / ramping ceases to exist for at least 12 months beforehand. There must be more to life than 30 years of mortgage slavery in exchange for a crappy slavebox in a shit part of town.
  2. Halifax to close 44 branches I wonder if Lloyds plan to cut more jobs and close more branches throughout the UK. Do we really need so many different banks paying large sums of rent and rates on every high street? I suppose this is more good news for Irish house prices and the jobless recovereh.
  3. Sounds like a great time for a coordinated withdrawal of funds from Northern Wreck.
  4. Don't know much about Southport, but as I now live 8 miles from Preston I may be able to help with the Preston area. I used to work with a girl who lived near Southport (Banks) and drove to Preston. The traffic was quite bad in a morning but I am not sure of the route (A59 I presume).
  5. I logged in this morning and was greeted with a picture of our glorious leader and he doth proclaimeth "no return to boom and bust"
  6. If anyone in the house buys anything with moisture absorbing crystals in the packaging I swipe the packets of crystals and pop them inside the Tupperware containers I keep most of my silver in.
  7. The UK taxpayer loves paying top dollar for suspect / dodgy / toxic "assets" entwined in a web of liar loans don'tcha know.
  8. So when will it return in a more disguised form, or perhaps it is secretly being carried out and only a select few know? Secret loans advanced to banks / insurance companies / pension funds requiring them to purchase government debt with the freshly created money. It could be spun as assisting liquidity, restoring CONfidence, helping banks start lending, requiring more capital to be held without "spooking the market" yadda, yadda yadda if the government / banks get rumbled. Or could off balance sheet vehicles be created and used to disguise a further printing to support government debt scheme?
  9. In the tenders I looked at the lower rates are in from the start and pretty much across the board. The 2008 rates I am comparing them to are from the contractor who was awarded the job, after a couple of trips round the dance floor and a little gentle arm twisting. Anyhow it has been passed up from monkey to organ grinder now.
  10. What complete and utter rubbish. This morning I have been comparing tenders and rates for two very similar jobs. The first one started on site in 2008. The second job is due to start on site in a couple of months. The bill rates are down across the sections I have looked at in the region of 10-15%, with some items as much as 35% lower now than 2 years ago. It appears contractors are more desperate for work now, as what was on site pre credit crunch is completed and the remaining firms compete fiercely for the ever shrinking pool of work. Reecovereh my ****!
  11. ****** off Gordon you one eyed duplicitous delusional ****, shit for brains, You contemptible ******wit ****** off and die. ****.
  12. Living in the same house as a "public sector parasite" and occasionally reading the PCS Union propaganda that turns up at home, my sympathy for the public sector is vanishing rapidly. Many of them are so out of touch it is practically unreal, pathetic bleating "cos we're worth it" doesn't cut the mustard with me anymore, having suffered pay cuts and no bonuses myself. It is high time the L'Oreal sector received some serious pruning.
  13. Could you add Biflationista and Stagflationista in to future polls please?
  14. A Moneyweek article from a couple of years ago regarding PFI, that I have bookmarked. http://www.moneyweek.com/news-and-charts/economics/whats-wrong-with-pfi.aspx
  15. I remember seeing another advert featuring a man who arrives home drunk. He turns the oven /pans/chip pan on and falls asleep. The house sets on fire and he probably dies. On a more serious note do people still have chip pans these days?
  16. Obviously the 7000 more people back in work last month cancel this small blip out. The reecovereh gathers pace.
  17. They must have worked bloody hard to get £190 billion of gilts out of the door!
  18. Oh Hurrah, I can't wait for the unintended consequences of changing the tax rules.
  19. Can the banks offset the losses made in 2007 - present - future, against any profits they may make and be taxed on in the future?
  20. Indeed despite the housing market throwing my bearishness back at me, I can't help but feel the emergency budget after the GE will be a turning point that determines the direction of UK house prices. Should over the medium to long term the situation not suit my personal circumstances, I am seriously considering working abroad. Leave the VI's and baby boomers to deal with the long term implications of paying for the current borrowing and demographics in the UK.
  21. The one over Christmas showing a man fighting with a giant turkey in his house. I think it was trying to tell Labour voters thick chavs how to defrost and cook a turkey.
  22. It has happend, have you missed the boat? House prices only ever go up in the UK, the government won't let them fall. They are not making any more land and there is a shortage of houses. The economy is growing again and house prices are rising, all is well with the world. Don't get me started on all the pent up demand.
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