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  1. PR1 - PR7 I have seen everything from 20-30% reductions in asking price (bringing some houses dangerously close to my seriously think about making an offer at a further 10% off range). On the other hand some potential vendors appear to have been enthused by alleged potential growth of 0.1% and whacked their house up to some mad 2007 peak valuation. Not much appears to be selling from what I can see, plenty of chains breaking, removed from rightmove then back on, SSTC then back on.
  2. Hmm lets see say this is introduced. 18/24 months later "cash needs to be banned" because it is claimed billions is being lost that the state thinks it should have. Cash is banned, electronic payments only. Then crackdowns on other forms of cash being used outside the state approved system such as silver and gold?
  3. http://www.virgindrinks.com/ What happened to Virgin cola? I remember seeing it in Tescos in the 1990's, but the website is under construction. Was it shelved and has been relaunched?
  4. Are the cheques in the post Fergus? Did the last lot of cheques in the post turn up and all clear? Now its an admin error, what might it be next month?
  5. This is what I recommend at work to people looking for a low carbon construction method for their building. I am dissapointed to report that up to now no one has actually taken my suggestion seriously.
  6. Can't you feed them some cheap Chinese mp3 players or memory sticks?!?!?! :angry:
  7. Are you sure? I assumed it could be taxed or have a fiat fine attached to such innovative behavior? Should it be detected and proved.
  8. True we needed a joiner / carpenter to repair and replace damaged fencing and gates. A friend of a friend agreed to do the work at the weekend in exchange for a pre agreed quantity of fresh meat, fish, milk, eggs, ale and veg being left at his house each Saturday morning for 4 weeks. While we paid (VAT I presume) on the timber and hinges, the rest of the deal was kept off the government balance sheet. I hope such co operation between citizens continues to thrive.
  9. Is there any way to shrink it down so it would run and fit as a forum signature?
  10. Viva black market, Viva bartering and exchanging goods and services with family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. I wonder if I can find more people I can exchange / barter / trade with as the tax grabs intensify? Anyone got any more ideas? I exchange vermin control for milk, eggs and chickens. Some of what I shoot (rabbits, woodpigeon, pheasants and deer) is swapped for home grown vegetables and home brew. Ditto trout if / when I have some going spare. I love unintended consequences I do.
  11. Yes and my silver, I might have a play with it when I get home.
  12. Will the gentleman in question be standing in the next General Election?
  13. It is no coincidence. Concrete Jungle is what I was listening to as I signed up for HPC (and better than my previous monkiers) and it seemed quite apt considering what was being discussed on the forum at the time and still today.
  14. After a revolution perhaps yes, until then it looks like we are set to continue being shafted without the offer of foreplay by the statists.
  15. Borrow more, spend more. Print more, spend more. I must be in with a shout of being on the Nobel Prize in Economics shortlist next year.
  16. Indeed the solution to a debt crisis appears to be more debt. Now what is the definition of madness?
  17. Five and a quarter houses repossessed every hour for a whole year. Thank goodness we now have a reecovereh to prevent the numbers getting worse.
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