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  1. Tescunt have been trying to cut all sorts of costs for quite a while. ACE claims Tesco forcing suppliers to cut fees by 40 per cent If I remember correctly various concerns have been raised regarding the levels of debt carried by Tescunt. Tesco’s Debt-Fueled Growth Sparks Investor Backlash
  2. I agree, I did make my feelings known to the DVLA drones when I was having problems with them. Job cuts at the DVLA will be cheered with a glass of rioja in my house.
  3. Not for a long time imho. Gordon has a printing press and by god he knows how to use it.
  4. I expect somehow my once fortnightly refuse collection will doubtless be canceled / affected. Apart from that I doubt anyone will notice any difference. The job centre lot had some strikes not that long ago.
  5. Who changed the building regs allowing house builders to build new homes to the new minimum standards? It is almost as mad as granting planning permission for retail outlets and office parks miles out of town. Then getting into an environmentalist climate change taxing hissy fit when people drive miles to get to these places.
  6. Come on Gordon man where are your cojones? Refuse to endorse American Sovereignty in Iraq and Afghanistan, withdraw our forces from the region and leave the septics to fight their oil wars on their own.
  7. Man from Quango says lots of people need to listen to my aggrandisement while I attempt to justify the existence of my non job. Please don't let them nasty tories in, they would make those awful cuts in public spending that will plunge us back in to recession. Upon hearing this news our glorious leader Gordon Brown will surely increase funding for the NHIC.
  8. This practice is rife at BNFL according to an acquaintance that works for them.
  9. Gordon and Darling could fulfill all their wildest statist dreams about saving the world by digging sand out of the middle of the British island and tipping it around the edges as the sea erodes the British island away.
  10. Then this one..... http://www.building.co.uk/story.asp?storyCode=3156444
  11. I think they must have perused this article and it got em all shook up. http://www.building.co.uk/story.asp?storyCode=3156276
  12. Promises have been made that can't be kept without stealing more from citizens and/or running the printing presses. Mr Madoff in America was put in prison for a long time for running a similar ponzi scheme without the governments permission.
  13. The real muppets are the taxpayers who ultimately act as a backstop for the muppet mortgage lender. :angry:
  14. Light aircraft spotted circling the Office of National Statistics!!! http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/brown-threatens-to-fly-plane-into-office-of-national-statistics-201002192487/
  15. No, I only talk about the situation in the UK with one friend. The rest of the time I smile, nod, doff my cap at the highly leveraged, sing The Red Flag and praise our esteemed leader, revered statesman and economic genius Gordon Brown.
  16. Take your money out about a week before, you don't want to get caught up in the queues outside NR branches again.
  17. I might have to think about buying some more silver and gold, and cutting my discretionary spending further to buy more silver and gold than I would normally. I love the smell of TFH unintended consequences of an afternoon.
  18. The US government will have the funding gap filled somehow by getting the states to issue bonds, that will be purchased by the FED / Treasury. Barack simply needs to pick up the phone and speak to the respected, revered world statesman and economic genius Gordon Brown for the finer details.
  19. The only way is up, baby. Or else Gordon will be enjoyin a fackin good tear up round the ONS gaff.
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