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  1. Obvoiusly not or there would be a stampede of canny investors rushing to the location to snap up bargains.
  2. The last person I know who did that lost their £18k 'deposit' when it transpired no lender would stump up more than £90k towards the asking price of £180k. You can't go wrong with bricks and mortar newbuild flats in Northern towns.
  3. How much would a brand new Ducatti set you back over there Mr P?
  4. The UK will face more darkness and lower temperatures as winter approaches Concrete Jungle forecast today. Less daylight and colder temperatures will peak at 3pc next year, weaker than the 3.6pc that Concrete Jungle was expecting just three months ago. Today's daylight and colder temperatures report also forecast that daylight and colder temperatures will remain above the 2pc target for much of the winter. Concrete Jungle, the Governor, said at a press conference that while "the UK daylight and temperatures are likely to continue decreasing, the overall outlook is weaker," than at the last forecast in the spring. Today's forecasts reflect the wider threat of simultaneous slowdown in Europe and the US, Britain's two biggest trading partners, as well as the austerity measures announced in the Coalition government Budget.
  5. I figured this subforum was as good a place as any to ask. My usual supplier of very reasonably priced air tites for one and two ounce silver coins and one ounce silver bars is no longer supplying them. So if you are in the UK where are you getting them from and how much delivered to your door? Thanks
  6. Car insurance renewal time paid £315 last year. This year same car, worth less, one more year without claiming / getting points special price of only £425 for a valued 'customer' like me
  7. What about the far far larger fraudsters in the city? Tax avoidance / evasion? Bashing the poorest and those scamming chicken feed compared to the big boys.
  8. We have a budget of £600 each and have to carry our own shelter, food, clothes, stove, jerry can, spares etc. I am thinking of a Suzuki Burgman 250 or a Yamaha YP 250. You might see me strumming round Rivington on it next spring / summer.
  9. My Christmas spending will be modest, as it has been for the last 5 years.
  10. I am selling my sportsbike and buying a 250cc scooter. Touring France on scooters next summer.
  11. Eeee I remember when planning permission was 'free' It was funded from council tax receipts, ya know in't good old days before everything became an opportunity to extract money with menaces.
  12. Like Luther Vandross your ******ing up the West coast.
  13. Gold rose above $1,190 an ounce in Europe on Wednesday[/ url] My linkDollar nears 15-year low Quick sell your USD and buy gold.
  14. Gold has 'slumped' by the massive amount of $19.60 per ounce.
  15. Ask Mr Parry to build me a hut in Thailand, possibly. Or pitch my tent on the grass verge outside work.
  16. Reminds me of a tale of my days working for Natwest. A customer rang up screaming blue ******* murder that some caannt had shut his daughters account, she was traveling on her gap year and desperately needed daddy to put some more spending money in her account. Daddy was having a fit and threatening to sue anybody and everybody attached to Natwest. Various managers got in a tremendous flap running round trying to figure out who the caannt was that closed the little princesses account and why, it turned out I had done it. Yes Mr Jones it was Concrete Jungle wot dun it as his racf is all over this mother******er. Now I was not one for closing peoples accounts unless they had asked me to do it. I fished out the fax he had sent me with the sort codes and account numbers of the accounts he wanted closing and faxed it back to Mr Jones for his perusal. I never did hear anything more about that episode after faxing him back.
  18. What are you playing at bringing this thread and CGNAO back from the HPC ether? Are you made from 100% mechanically recovered meat perchance?
  19. It's to protect the children you see. If you don't agree you must be a paedo with something to hide, right? Oh there is some talk of fines and other bat $hit thinking. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-10709128 Is there any proof to back up Mr Davies claims that thousands of perverts are doing this? How many and out of how many pre paid card users? 10%, 1%,0.5%, 0.1%, 0.01%, 0.001%?
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