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  1. maybe we should start a petition on the No10 website to cap bbc salary to a more realistic level 92k for reading the news disgusting and undeserved
  2. why should we pay for bailing out everyone - us working class always get shafted i dont remember the bank sharing the profits over the last few year but now were expected to share the debt t@sser
  3. For the person who works in investment banking - the problem is not the subprime borrowers not paying it back the problem was banks lending to them to start with and then the banks inc investment banks trying to hide the risk attached to the loans and then trading them between each other pure greed and now its engulfing the real world
  4. Spreading betting - is a good tool for trading if you have are a small trader as u can access both side of the markets, and yes 90%+ will fail and sometimes you will get taken by slippage and platform issues - i have used a number of providers i find ig offer a good platform but about a year ago they did have a few issues with thier graphs but they seem to have sorted that out now - a word of warning to anyone Have a plan Limit the risk If you fancy a bet then go to the races or bookies or plan online bingo
  5. putting more money into banks so the can start lending but to who - we cant take on any moe debt
  6. Just wondering where is all this money going, shares, gold etc are being sold so where is this money going its not just vanshing can some please enlighten me
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