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  1. Is that 46% of prime London being purchased by international buyers? I had no idea of the scale of it.
  2. I must admit, I'm a bit mystified by the apparent continued good standing of uk universities in the face of the dilution of talent over the last couple of decades. Also, often see interesting studies/results from european institutions, so don't understand why they arent more highly rated. The UK does seem to have a reasonably efficient and streamlined student application/intake system and good graduation/emplyment prospects, (compared to France and Germany anyway) but the rankings are based on research.
  3. I assume most of the job content of being a senior manager/director/whatever in a charity is meetings and politicking, necessitating a posh central location.
  4. ... vibrant and cosmopolitan, convenient for for local amenities and leisure facilities...
  5. Currently on special offer for 2 quid at the Coop (scotland, anyway).
  6. http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/foreign-investors-left-nursing-huge-losses-as-they-scrabble-to-get-out-of-off-plan-deals/
  7. Up another notch http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/business/bank-of-canada-rate-decision-1.4490918
  8. Bailing out carillon would be another bail out for the banking industry.
  9. That distinction doesn't exist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referendums_in_the_United_Kingdom
  10. You jest? Have you read the brexit thread? It's 90% vocal remainers.
  11. Been vaguely keeping an eye on the numbers. Initially it was around 69% total leavers, which has gradually drifted down to about 65%. Possibly new joiners are less pro brexit than the established members, although still majority pro brexit. And there seems to have been a surge in voting recently. I'm sure it was about 350 votes cast the other day, now 414
  12. Saw briefly discussed on German TV (on a discussion about germany/EU) the fact that the EU's revelling in the humilation of the UK , although seemingly discouraging the other "exit" tendancies, was actually alienating a lot of europeans too, so possibly increasing disatisfaction of many with the EU. (obviously many also support it, so effectively hardening the existing divisions)
  13. "Mark Carney spent a day in Liverpool ..." Probably can't expect the elite to actually permanently decamp out of London, but ti would be helpful if they were obliged to travel to the provinces from time to time. That would create some pressure to upgrade tansprt links. Unfortunately, the opposite would happen, and the middle order paper pushers would have tot ravel to London for every meeting, making the transport situation worse, without any incentive from the elite to change it.
  14. Haven't looked behind the fnumers at all, but assuming a trend potential growth for gdp of 2 - 2.25%, (which most of us would probably agree would be a pretty optimistic outcome for the uk under any circmstances) the projections simply reflect what was already forecast - gdp being around 4% lower than otherwise, and no recession. That implies several years of below tend growth as in the new forecast.
  15. For perspective, here's a slightly longer term view of foreign nurse registrations.
  16. Spain will be offered some jollies by the EU to make them see sense.
  17. I meant socially. Apparently politics is taboo in polite company. Look forwrd to you reporting back.
  18. I saw a youtube from a German family in the USA, who said people actually talk about Trump more in Germany than in the USA.
  19. It's ok, it's only a lull. Crisis averted. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-40874731
  20. The Germans are actually worried that without the UK, the Latin/Med countries now have a majority, so EU will tend to adopt more statist and subventionist policies rather than the free market that the northern european countries had imposed. Merkel and Macron seem quite chummy, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were reliefs for the piigs after the German election. Germany has a balanced budget, so can afford to give away a couple of percent of gdp to more than make up for the uk shortfall.
  21. He does seem to be pretty good. Everyone got the GE wrong.
  22. Germans are excellant at manufacturing. Other business activities are fairly ordinary.
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