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  1. Is it a face, or is it a vase? Tricky one.
  2. listening to the world service, they have a really annoying strategy of saying.."your listening to the BBC.." after every news item, so that they end up saying things like "...and so thats another 20,00 dead in the Bangladeshi earthquake YOUR LISTENING TO THE BBC." It drives me nuts. Its not even as if there's much English language competition that you could mistake it for.
  3. At a guess, it's done by sector, so if, hypothetically speaking, there were an unusally large number of buildings trades unemployed (who would have a larger than average seasonal adjustment) it would be higher.
  4. Just been listening to some ex-employees (London branch) being interviewed. "Ooooh, we never expected this" etc. All of them. Don't these people even read the financial press? caveat 1: May have been deliberately edited by BBC for dramatic effect. caveat 2: Perhaps the real bankers have been advised not to talk, and they were in fact interviewing the cleaners.
  5. We could have coaches and horses and inns and everything.
  6. You could always start looking. Last time I was in the house buying market (mid 90s) it wasn't unusual to spend over a year lokking for a new house. If you can string it out a few months, you should start seeing some actual price drops. I think everyone will be a bear by xmas anyway.
  7. The Service charges (Nebenkosten) seem to be much higher in Germany than other places. I saw one today that was 75% of the rent, although more usually it can be up to 50%.
  8. Jon Henley makes a really annoying sucking sound when he talks (although last time I heard him it wasn't so bad). It may interfer with your viewing pleasure.
  9. There really ought to be a dedicated forum for the "I hate the Wilsons" threads. Unfortunately when the rich (even if only illusionary) go bankrupt, they seem to manage to keep hold of a few assets rather than ending up living in the gutter as you'd wish.
  10. The "sticky-up hair" was one of the reasons i left the UK. Glad to see it's on the wane at last.
  11. Happiness is incompatible with Frenchness. They suffer from existential angst.
  12. ...are they, by any chance, built on sand?...
  13. Its a neat theory, but the US media is just so full of gloom it's hard to believe it's going anywhere but down. [disclaimer: I know nothing]
  14. Only 70 months to go. Must start looking for curtains.
  15. The US media has fresh bear news practically every day. I'm amazed that the stock market has held up so long.
  16. In the bit of SW12 I watch, prices have gone from 650-750k down to 635-700k in the last couple of months. Occasionaly things appear for under 600k and disappear quite quickly (I assume sold). Prices in 2006 were 650k, so that agrees with the Halifax info. (It's an area of very uniform 3-bed terraces, so quite easy to watch. Except a few have loft extensions and go for about 100k more. Its a pity they don't report the number of bedrooms on ourproperty)
  17. Your brain has been fried by those mobile phone masts.
  18. A few years ago I listened in shock while a customer complained that the on/off button on the cordless phone that they had owned for several years, no longer made a "click" when you pressed it. It was otherwise fully functional. The assistant immediately exchanged it without flinching a single facial muscle. Since then I've no longer thought of it as an expensive place to shop.
  19. And people quoting previous posts in their entirety.
  20. The odd thing is, Ive never seen anybody actually using them, either for sitting in, or storing their tools. They look very pretty though.
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