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  1. I see the bitcoin and the gold streams have crossed. Isn't that some kind of harbinger of doom for the chartists? End of the universe as we know it. Cats will walk with dogs etc.
  2. Mildly interesting to see the level of deluson of bitcoin investors exposed to public scrutiny.
  3. This sort of argument always sounds very dubious to me. If all the promises of tax breaks creating wealth were true, we would all be rich from stealng each other's industries. I expect the answer is it just displaces actual productive wealth generation.
  4. I think I saw the major motion picture they made about it- "Based on a true story"
  5. Labour did unexpectedly well last time, because the electorate thought brexit was done with, and labour actually had some policies separate from brexit. I suspect brexit will be back at the forefront if there's a GE anytime soon. No idea who that'll benefit.
  6. I'm in the remain/leave binary myself. Brexit is one of the few things I feel strongly about, but at the same time, I don't really believe it will make any difference. I'm happy for there to be another referendum if that's what people want, but it won't solve anything either. i would vote brexit again. May's deal is objectively the worst option.
  7. So, markets get spooked by fed saying they will continue raising rates. Twitter spat. Markets boom on fed chairman saying he won't resign. madness-
  8. There's probably half a dozen on mainstream German TV but probably only one progamme every day compared to about a dozen on UK TV if you count all the repeats and multiple episodes on freeview. edit for examples https://www.fernsehserien.de/zuhause-im-glueck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b6fg6Cmal8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZnqCghhUaY
  9. I never understand how they get visas. they always seem to have the same unproductive sounding non jobs as the rest of the population.
  10. GDP will increase about 1.5% in sterling. Measuring in someone else's currency only makes sense if doing an international comparison.
  11. This is why I voted brexit. I really cannot comprehend how people simply trust the EU to act in their best interests as if EU politicians are somehow different from politicians in every single other country on the planet. Who has the faintest idea of what the EU is up to, who to vote for, for which agenda, how to find out what is going on, how to change it. Our politicians may be occasionally corrupt and often incompetent, but at least we have some degree of transparency and accountability.
  12. I don't think so. It was created by a firm of solicitors, so presumably they were responsible for any misselling. I keep hoping the name comes back to me, as Id like to google it. The accounting was utterly shambolic. 200 identical looking companies with roughly identical looking transactions. Hopeless. edit. Just saw your other post. yes exactly - sounds like you've been there too. all the money went on admin and fees, plus we ran into the late 80s crash. They were time limited, and we were obliged to sell after 5 years.
  13. I cant be bothered following all the technical details, but as far as I can see, May's deal does effectively rescind article 50 by placing us in a transition phase in which we have neither representation or sovereignty nor any means of exiting unilaterally.
  14. Probably mentioned before, but worked for an accountant that did a similar scheme in the 80s boom. It didn't make any money (for the investors). Although there are a lot more subsidies for landlords these days - housing benefit and student loans etc - so maybe getting more viable.
  15. Agree with everything, except it's just "an" idea. It might turn out good, it might turn out bad. It's the fashion at the moment, but in 50 years time, everyone might well be saying nation states are a great ideas, and supranational government totally impractical.
  16. I know nothing about pensions (and you do seem to) but I generally assume these complicated schemes to limit any losses are in fact primarily designed to generate bigger fees.
  17. I tend not to get too involved in analysing the details, but is the inability of the UK to unilaterally exit the transition arrangement and backstop not a serious retrograde step? We've gone from having article 50 as our escape clause, to being back in an arrangement over which we have totally lost control of our destiny, as well as no longer any influence over EU laws that will affect us. Apologies as it's probably already argued to death.
  18. His lunch expenses are probably bigger than that. And I imagine it's a safe bet that the reason he didn't carry out appropriate money laundering checks was't "negligence".
  19. Did a bit of shopping yesterday. Seemed fairly subdued. Supermarkets quiet. Sports Direct almost empty.
  20. I like that, but it should begin by going up to the left. A lot of remainers seemed to be energised by their anger. I haven't seen any explicitly state it, but many youthful forum warriors are clearly implying that they are sufficiently energised that they would be willing to struggle out of bed to get to the voting booths next time.
  21. http://www.barnardmarcusauctions.co.uk/Auction-Results.html I'd forgotten about this one. Guide 2.35 m, only got bid to 1.7m and withdrawn. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68821258.html That aside, my novice impression was there seemed to continuing interest from the gullible punters. The stuff in London and the midlands all seemed to get snapped up. The cheap stuff up north went for I suppose typical prices for the areas, where I'd been expecting them to have decent discounts due to the additional risk of buying at auction. Even the stuff that didn't sell was mostly quite close to the reserves. A bit disappointing.
  22. First one I've watched, but I'm pretty sure that traditional practice was that the reserve was below the guide, i.e. the guide was the minimum the seller wanted, but the reserve was the absolute minimum he would accept. It doesn't make any sense the other way round, except to get the punters through the door. Many seemed to be well above the supposed 10% difference as well. May have misheard, but I think some even began with the bidding above the guide. The only one I saw that seemed decent value based on historic and current local prices was https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/63-barnsley-road/hemsworth/pontefract/wf9-4qz/25698315 sold for 56 k, back down to 2004 price and attempts to sell for 77.5k in 20014
  23. Just to note an odd one, so I can see what it looks like when it hits Land reg figures. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/49890963?search_identifier=b167f07307fa3cc2d9edc2862273bc2e description refers to 3 bedder, but details relate to No 32 which is a 5 bedder Could be mix up, or could be split into flats like No 34/34a. Has gone STC very quickly Pricewise, seems 200k too cheap for even the worst unmodernised house. Could be high end flat.
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