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  1. Its weird and interesting how so much of the british empire happened often almost by accident or just the whim of some random bloke somewhere, often against the wishes of parliament, especially compared to the active empire building strategies of the continentals. Also interesting that many people on all sides of the debates were actually very enlightened (not just the british of course). In fact, the whole enterprise was "very british" from start to end. (I don't know anything in depth, just what I read when I stray across it).
  2. You mean foreign companies? I have probably mentioned before, for exactly the same reason that some UK firms are relocating to the EU, some foreign firms are going to need to relocate to the UK. People seem unable or unwilling to grasp it.
  3. I understand. Well, next time your browsing the express and you spot one, don't hesitate to flag it up for me.
  4. Could you provide a link. I continually see remainers claiming this, but never seen any leavers actually mention it.
  5. On the subject of labour leave, saw this on reddit earlier. From a more open minded era. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/14/left-reject-eu-greece-eurosceptic
  6. With "pent up demand" (aka, low finance costs enabling owners to hold out for higher prices longer than normal times) and low transactions, any "bargains" (in the sense of being cheaper than similar houses nearby are priced) are going to get snapped up or bid up to (or near) the market rate. In the absence of generalised price declines, the only damage limiting strategy is to ensure you don't overpay. Or, if anyone knows of any bargains, let me know.
  7. I'll say this for them, the EU politicians/eurocrats seem much better at appearing convincingly steadfast in their intentions, until they change them, than our crowd ever do.
  8. Just had to reinstall my system. "Property Log" doesnt seem to turn up when you search in the chrome store. Had to use a general google web search. Hope they're not trying to hide it from us.
  9. it'll be interesting to see how undemocratic china with a falling population and democratic india with a rising population compare in military assertiveness in 10 or 20 years.
  10. It's in the politics sub forum. Just scroll down. It's private, so no one will ever know your secret. Open until Sunday, when the results are announced.
  11. It's funny, how looking unlived in and therefore presumably not containing much of value, actually increases the risk. That's why I assume it is just dossers and low life, rather than proper criminals. It's true about the value. Given the unoccupancy rate, they should really drop to zero. In fact, they are so tiny that they are quite expensive. I think they're about half the size of a normal 3 bedder terrace in most other towns, and if you include garden (absence thereof) probably about a quarter of the footprint or less. So on a per sq foot basis, they are probably just as expensive as h
  12. Thanks Brucie. That would significantly increase the value of my home posessions. Do the pictures get saved online? What happens if they steal the cameras and your computer?
  13. The Irish border question seems to have gone a bit quieter of late, and not sure how the last bout ended, but i thought this was mildly relevant from one of my youtube subscriptions. oh, it doesn't seem to have embedded at the time stamp. The border gets mentioned at 6:41 and then is actually crossed at 8:01. He also mentions having crossed the border (which I assume is the bridge) at about 10:30 and 14:10. - I appreciate these are pedestrian/cycle ways. He crosses a road border at 24:50. It seems like cars entering Switzerland have paused, while the ones entering G
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