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  1. Brilliant, I spat out my nitrous oxide reading that. All those 'hard working family houses' powering the economy.
  2. What is the General Secretary of Unite doing kipping on the sofa?
  3. Brilliant! And to put a local Somerset Levels spin on it.... ."Help to Buoy, benefits Street".
  4. How about something like...a World War where a substantial amount of younger people are wiped out and only the oldies are left to procreate.....and produce a new era of......BOOMERS.
  5. Q: What's the difference between "waterfall" IT and "agile" IT. Shiplee says a "waterfall" project is one where you start with a clear idea of what outcome you want. An "agile" one is one where you learn as you are going along. Q: And what is this? Shiplee says the implementation is "agile". Q: Why has this IT project been different from other DWP ones? Duncan Smith says at the early stages of the project, this was meant to be an "agile" process. But, as it got going, Duncan Smith thought it looked like a hybrid - part "agile", part "waterfall". ..........FFS! ....... Pass me the Crystal meth fellers.
  6. kengan

    War In The Pacific?

    It's not really a speech impediment I just have a swight wispa.
  7. kengan

    War In The Pacific?

    Thanks to my superfast broadband supplied by BT using the Huawei networking and telecommunications equipment...I see you too.
  8. kengan

    War In The Pacific?

    Yes but don't underestimate the Chinese ability to copy and improve, they could soon be up to their old Twix.
  9. The increase in 'home' cannabis production has probably increased demand for power (and 'erb). Does the government have any possible alternative fuel resources it could exploit...fracked if I know.
  10. kengan

    Massive Drop In Online Sales For Ebay, Amazon, Play

    Didn't Rooney do just that with his barnet transplant....and now he has to go back in and get it done properly in a 9 hour operation. Might as well just buy a cheap syrup from the pound shop like the bloke in Ripping Yarns who played for Barnstoneworth.
  11. kengan

    Ex Pm Margaret Thatcher Has Died

    Personally, I can't go along with this juvenile partying mentality. Basically an old woman of 87 has died. She has not been involved in politics for a very long time. Her job was leader of the Tory government and in my opinion she was a clever pragmatic politician and a good leader of her party. . The problem as I see it was the millions of gobshites that voted for her, time and time again. I actually felt some sympathy for her when she was spitefully stabbed in the back by her Tory cabinet.
  12. kengan

    Ex Pm Margaret Thatcher Has Died

    I would have thought it was appropriate for the Mayor of Liverpool to comment when asked to do so by the media. Here is a comment he made... ......... Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson spoke of his mixed feelings about Baroness Thatcher's death and said the legacy of Thatcherism is still alive and kicking. He said: "Baroness Thatcher's strength of character and determination were admirable qualities, but I firmly believe her policies were misguided and inflicted huge damage on cities like Liverpool. "You will not find many voices in Liverpool who believe her legacy is positive. Thatcherism is still alive and kicking. "Part of her Tory values were geared up to making inequality more prevalent. the social injustice, the attacks on the poor - we can still see that today. "On a positive note, the legacy of Thatcherism is that a lot of people became engaged and politicised." ......... Given that in your previous postings relating to Liverpool you use terms like 'thieving scousers' your concern regarding inward investment seems somewhat out of character.

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