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  1. See how you get on with this... I am active in supporting charities that help minority groups, in fact I recently assisted a nice Nigerian fellow I met online. His name was Prince Happy Sunrise, and his charity had been left $250,000,000 in the will of a nun from a local convent. Unfortunately, their bank account was unable to receive the funds, so I have assisted the Prince by allowing the charity to use my bank details to facilitate the transfer.
  2. We are thinking about it hard now. A 5 year tracker on a 3 bed semi (20+% below peak price where we want to live) in a good area is much less than rental cost of our 2 bed flat in a crap area at the moment - between savings on rent, travel (much nearer work), council tax and the capital repayments we would be saving ~3% of the purchase price a year. The nominal price would have to fall below 35% off peak price for us to be worse off over 5 years - even lower in real terms if there is some (wage) inflation. It should be a reasonably fair calculation as the extra maintenance costs are probably balanced out by the extra rent for a comparable house (+1%of purchase price / year).
  3. Surely our manufacturing industry has a huge advantage over Germany - the investment and support they get from our "world class" financial services sector!
  4. Which is a good reason to try to remove the communists from the unions, or reduce the power of the unions, rather than destroy manufacturing altogether. Unfortunately Maggie took the simple option and threw the baby out with the bathwater. But don't worry, she and her successors have replaced the old baby with a cuckoo the financial industry, so all is well.
  5. They are re-negotiating the wrong bail out. They should be re-negotiating the terms of their bail out of the banks to 0, then the EU bail out of Ireland wouldn't be such a problem for them. Probably too late now though.
  6. But we need a third hand/glove - the new businesses people set up will fail unless they are competitive in a global market - which they won't be under the current free trade rules. When companies in Chindia etc. can pay their workers a fraction of the wages, throw their pollutants in the river, their cheap electricity from cheap & dirty coal fired power stations, have weak health and safety rules etc. they will always be cheaper than UK companies. When I buy custom made metal parts at work I can get them from the UK for £200 or from China for £10 - with a differential like this we don't really have the option of buying from the UK, we have to go for the cheaper parts. As Red Karma posted earlier, what we have is global free trade, not fair trade. We need trade restrictions on countries that use lower employment/environmental rules to undercut the UK workforce or we will all end up being outsourced.
  7. A bit like saying that the cows should be happy if the farmer gives them a glass of milk.
  8. We don't have social food or clothing provision because anyone is free to produce food or clothes as they wish and there is competition from imports to keep the suppliers honest - there is a free market. We don't have a free market in housing - if I have some land I need to apply to the council for planning so I can put a roof over my head, if I buy land with planning it's market value has been increased because of the planning permission - in effect the council have given the previous owner of the land free money. Meanwhile the 52nd Earl of Townchester down the road inherited 2000 Acres because his great x50 grandfather came over in 1066 and they built a town on it before planning laws so his family can gain income from renting it out until either the next revolution (forever) or one of the Earl's gets into serious gambling/drinking etc.
  9. A 3.6% drop in the type of house I want to buy pays the rent in my current place 'till next July!
  10. A bit of protectionism would not go amiss. Take mobile phones for example, 10 years ago there was a factory near where I live employing 3000 people to manufacture phones for the UK and parts of Europe. Now it has closed and all the mobile manufacturing in the world has gone to massive factories in China (google Foxconn suicide factory) where hundreds of thousands are employed in slave labour conditions. This change has led to hundreds of towns across the west losing factories that provided jobs and training for young people - a few of the ex-employees of the phone factory got jobs at my work, they had all spent 20+ years there after leaving school or college and had been highly trained. These opportunities are now gone - I'm in my early 30's and I'm the youngest person at my work - virtually no-one has entered the manufacturing sector for 10 years, the reduction in staff levels has meant that all available jobs have gone to experienced people who had been made redundant as factories have closed. Whilst speaking to my colleagues at lunch last week we estimated that there were 25000 employed in our small sector of the electronics industry in the UK in 2000, there are now about 250 and all of these losses are due to offshoring manufacturing - the worldwide demand for the products we make has gone up 10X in the same period.
  11. I don't think the government (or the Tories) really give a shit if this policy helps anyone. What's important to them is the public's perception of the policy rather than whether the policy actually works - what they really want is a cheap headline to get votes at the election from people who think they are doing it to help people. Modern politics consists of a bunch of men in suits shouting "four legs good two legs bad" while in the background they send the old horse off to the knackers yard for a few bucks.
  12. A mate of mine works in the NHS and they are starting to get rumours about redundancies in their department - none of them have ever had the threat of losing their jobs and it is quite a shock to them. The front line staff in his department are already over worked and under staffed, and there are obviously going to be cuts in the level of care the patients receive if staff cuts are made. The bosses are bringing in management consultants and having a consultancy period where the staff are asked how to improve the service. The staff will tell them what's wrong - they have to spend time filling in in a forms every time they do something, and need to write pointless portfolios to prove to someone who doesn't have a clue what their job involves that they are capable of doing something for which they have been trained and have been doing perfectly well for years. The results of the consultancy will then be ignored by the managers as it would involve reducing pointless bureaucracy and management job cuts - nobody wants to admit that sacking people in a similar job would improve efficiency and cut the wage bill as the idea might catch on! Instead the managers will make redundancies to the front line staff and when the service deteriorates they will have another consultancy period to decide what to do.......
  13. Don't know about the Harbour, but I have a mate who has been renting for the last 4 years in the Kingston Quay development (Barratt), which has been mentioned here before, and it's awful - take a look on their forum (link below) to see what's going on. You can also look up 220-240 wallace street, glasgow , G5 in ourproperty and there are some stunning drops. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=68081 http://www.atfreeforum.com/kingstonquay/
  14. I was trying to make a general point about how rich and poor people are supposed to fit nicely into categories of class and politics rather than making a point specifically about Bragg, who I don't really know much about. Anyway, maybe it was his grandfather who was the dustman and passed it down through his father - it works for international football, so why not have a "Scottish granny" rule for the class system too
  15. I don't understand this attitude to money and class/politics. Why can't someone who has earned a lot of money through working call themselves working class? If you are born in a council house and your dad is a dustman do you suddenly become middle class once you have earned a certain amount of money? At what point does this kick in, is it a certain amount per year, or a certain value of assets held? Do lottery winners from council estates get a form with their cheque to apply for middle class status? What happens to a middle class person who goes bankrupt, or one who has more debt than assets - at what point do they become working class? Similarly, why can't you be a socialist if you have become wealthy through work without exploiting other workers? If you pay your taxes without dodging them (I don't know if Bragg does or not) and vote for a socialist party with the intention of paying a higher share of taxes to support socialist policies if they are implemented then in what way are you not a sociallist? Can't a poor person be a capitalist? Do we say - look at that guy, he earns the minimum wage, has never made any speculative gains in the stock market, lives in a rented council house and takes the bus to work, but he supports the conservatives - he's just a "Carling capitalist"?
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