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  1. They will all be suffering. Magazines make their money through ads not the cover price. And ad budgets are being slashed....
  2. Why is it madness? Once you get above about 20k its quite a small amount and you only qualify if you have kids. The average wage ( IIRC) is about 25-26k these days so if both parents in an average family work then they are not that far off that cap.
  3. Thats a bit misleading given what she said. Its not that she's getting 60k worth of benefits... For instance you qualify for certain types of child tax credits up to 60k but its only a couple of hundred quid per kid... Most other benefits you'd be off well before that. I qualify despite me and my wife earning. My brother in law qualifies despite being a director of a successful company. I know people who do play the system however ( and it pisses me off and I'm not defending them). I've known families that have half a dozen kids, the dads unable to work due to a bad back and who get a
  4. George Wimpey "luxury" 4 and 5 bedroom site near us shut down with 4 houses with the outsides complete and another 10 with just bases. They started as a luxury Bryant 4 and 5 bedroom site was finishing last summer. The Bryant site has only now sold the show houses and its got plenty of houses for sale on it that are just now shifting. ( Including half a dozen facing the wimpey site) So happy i didn't stretch myself or one of the Bryant ones... ( that almost caused a divorce but is now seen as a wise move by me...)
  5. we did this, petrol prices being one of the main factors plus moving closer to one place of work. actually we did it several years ago when i could walk to work but that was pre having kids...
  6. new kids don't take up that much space at first. generally they'll sleep in the same room as you for most of the first year. .
  7. And there was me thinking it was all down to BTL'ers. The kind and caring attitude shown on House Price Crash would warm the coldest of hearts... At least the OP is trying to get advice and they at least are aware they need to drop their price.
  8. Wimpey build near me has been on hold since Feb. Which is a shame for those who were expecting to move in March. We upgraded last year ( needed an area for family reasons and renting wasn't an option there due to no decent stock but we plan on being there for the next 20 years anyway) and the couple we bought from changed the move in date during the conclusion of the missives to Jan as their move in date had been delayed 6 months due to last years poor weather slowing the build. ( the build is luxury 4-5 bed homes in an area where the average price is half what they are looking for and 50k
  9. i'm avoiding a foreign holiday this year but its more due to lack of days off, I'm planning a trip to the US next year. However only my parents are going abroad this year and normally you get half a dozen people in the family jetting off. Pretty much everyone is belt tightening and several people have been talking about moving jobs due to fuel costs. ( moving houses no longer being such a great option)
  10. I agree with you in that this country really treats people who try to better themselves badly. The states have a much better attitude where if you fail its just practice for the next time when you might succeed. However. Its one thing for people to work hard to build something up that's based on a sound business plan, which like all plans has an element of risk. Its another to hope onto an unsound bandwagon, take risks that experienced players tell you not to ( in this case leverage to 90% verses the much safer 70%) and not be prepared for the possibility that this will go pear shaped and
  11. Huge levels of debt IIRC. They have a market cap of 300 million of debt of 3 billion... Add in falling sales and its not a nice picture. Plus their biggest asset is land... which is now devaluing fast
  12. I was meaning the average squaddie, the army logistics are a seperate lot. But I'd guess most of them are invovled with supplying the armed forces. Given they are active in two warzones just now how many of them can be pulled from what they are doing? Sure they might be able to cover it but its not as simple as it might sound. The Hazmat course wasn't the only one from what I was told but even then if its three days then you would need to get people training before the strike happened ( unless the army could fill the gap) I'm not saying I support them btw, just that the greedy sods accusa
  13. The training for moving hazardous material around the country is more rigorous than shifting cans to tesco. Crashing a truck is bad, crashing a tanker is much much worse...
  14. Yeah, lets turn a shot term problem into a major one with all the shell drivers unable to work due to broken legs... That will be good for everyone... I was talking to a trucker about this and he made some interesting points. Yes they earn about 35k just now but they also tend to work 60 hour weeks. National average is 20k for 40 hours.... see where this is going? They also have quite a bit of training ( a lot of it reoccurring) to do the job so its not something you can get squaddies or people off the dole to suddenly start doing. Its also dangerous and is mainly night work. So lets r
  15. Thats the problem with the current system. People who want to move for economic reasons cause problems with the people who do really need it for political reasons. ( such as their government is really trying to kill or torture them)
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