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  1. A few doors down from me paid £460k in 2006 for their house . They put it on the market beginning of last month, I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw how much for. A whopping £795K !! I had seen the For Sale sign, which is why I checked. I had expected to see £575k max. Last week the asking price was reduced to £750K . Could this be a 'new' method being used by Estate Agents. Advertise it for a ridiculous amount, wait a few weeks, reduce it to a lower BUT still ridiculous asking price in the hope that someone somewhere will notice and will think it's now a bargain?
  2. My purchase and that of my in-laws does not come under any of the above. Also, I have since found out that my sister in law, who bought a property about 8 years ago for just under 1 million (part mortgage), that sale does not appear either. Something is obviously amiss.
  3. Thanks for that - not sure I will fill in the form though as quite frankly I don't mind the fact that other people can't easily find out how much I paid for my house. We are in possession of the title deeds, which are supplied by LR so I know that all is well on that front. However it just makes me wonder if the LR figures include all such purchases (cash sales) all of the time.........
  4. Hello - no, both houses were 'normal' purchases bought from the then owners, no probate situation, auction or repo....... Having thought about it, the lady we bought from was mortgage free and it's very likely that it was the same with the house my in-laws bought. There might be something in that fact......
  5. Apologies if this has been asked and answered before but, what do LR do with regards to cash purchases? We bought for cash 4 years ago and my in-laws a year ago and neither of our properties show as having been purchased on any of the free to use sites - only the previous purchase of our properties appear. Do LR include such purchases in their figures regardless of this ? We bought 3 years ago not 4 - not that it should matter.
  6. Brilliant! They should be allowed to keep it. The only thing I don't understand is why didn't they make it 2 bedrooms? They were having a baby and yet only 1 bedroom? hardly thinking long term........
  7. It wasn't quite like that - we were moving area and not being familiar with the new area, we thought; 1. It would be wise to rent for a few months, maximum 1 year, in the new area before buying. 2. we expected that the prices in the new area (more expensive than where we had lived), would fall a bit as prices seemed mental. We ended up having to move area again almost 4 years later to an area we could afford to buy a home in.
  8. It's a pet hate of mine - people who look at houses purely as 'investment' rather than as a home. In fact, when I STR, I made it clear to the EA that I did not want any BTL's coming round. In the four years I spent looking to buy a home, I always only offered what I honestly thought a property was worth, which was always, always a lot less than people happened to be asking for. Probably why it took so long and felt even longer.....
  9. Oh! no!! I'm not laughing anymore! I must have missed that bit. What a d*ck he turned out to be!
  10. It is indeed. However, there is a snag, someone else posted about the very same thing and someone else highlighted the fact that the ' buyer' was in fact looking to buy it as a BTL!!!! I must have missed that bit! I'm not laughing anymore!
  11. [quote name='Tired of Waiting' timestamp='1364069755' post='90928752 Just now on Channel 4, "Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses", in Oxford, the "buyer" decided to put an offer: Asking price: £385k Offer: £305k Brilliant. Finally a buyer with sense! And shown on our telly! And then the buyer says: "I think it's fair value". Well done! Just posted about this myself but I thought the asking price was £375k but £385k makes it even funnier! I would really like to buy that guy a drink!
  12. A chap who was house hunting went and viewed the 3 properties and decided on making an offer on his favourite one and said to the EA showing him around - " I would like to make an offer but not for the asking price of £375k, I would like to offer £305k". I laughed so much, I nearly fell off the sofa! I pressed re-wind twice and might set it up as a loop on my laptop for whenever I need cheering up! Come on, own up - which one of you was it?
  13. Rent £305 per month? were they renting one room in a shared house somewhere where no one else would choose to live?
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