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  1. As again Yawn.... this is NOT a crash. As again HK had crashes of 60%+ in less than 4 weeks. If it were a crash that 140,000 house would be 56,000 and not a pithy 130K.
  2. There is always global war to hoover up any excess consumption. As I said a replay of the Korean conflict would be highly convenient.
  3. The thing is while they are doing the best thing economically for themselves today and now. The largesse is going to end one day and its all going to go pop. It is absolutely inevitable for it to end one way or another. In benefiting now they make themselves utterly unemployable in the future... The guy next door for example, in fact this entire street I'm the only person who works. Sure they rake in the state hand outs now. But when it goes pop who will employ them? They;ve been unemployed for decades. While I've always been in work ALWAYS maybe not fancy well paid jobs. But when the reset comes it will be suckers like me and you who it makes no real economic sense to be working who are the employable ones and hopefully have capital to be the winners in such a scenario. As I have said the reset is completely inevitable, they can delay it a bit but one way or another the reset has to happen.
  4. Are you RB in disguise..... everything points to inflation. Deflation will of course come one day..... after the hyper inflationary collapse. Which is kind of moot.
  5. I hate this, if they are paid less than market value then tell them to put their money where their mouths are and quit and go get his real market value..... darned public sector workers employees
  6. Pah, pathetic we can (and will) just print some more money to increase GDP! printy printy
  7. And what is this panic button? Its big and red and says PRINT on it... Heh I don't see RB around much these days...... printyprinty
  8. They are already negative (with QE). So what now - 200000% printyprinty
  9. It was colder than expected and I was wearing a thin top and jeans on me motorbike.
  10. Did anybody read the Sun today.... I was stuck in uber traffic on the M6 today and stopped at services to have a break... Shockingly it spun house prices to shoot up by 2015... The thing is it twisted it to say that this is BAD news. About how it forced more people to rent (and set the tone as if being forced to rent was like being a second class citizen)... It also had a sentence about how HPI wasn't a good thing Has the worm finally turned?
  11. Except you forget one thing. In a real Injin world free market society, your costs would fall substantially as well. As rentiers would cease to exist. There would also be plentiful raw materials and land in which to make a living out of. Instead of the land laws and rights claims which mean all materials and land are held in the hands of few at gun point.
  12. min wage? In my day we were paid ONLY commission... One of my worst jobs was tricking people into calling a £1 a minute phone number... it was a short job I felt morally obliged to walk out.
  13. Guess what TPTB will do in a futile (and inflationary) attempt to prove you wrong? Go on guess....
  14. Oh no it doesn't. China went through a very very nasty and mad period for about 27 years after the commies took power. Loony policies were enacted all the way up to the end of the cultural revolution in 1979. At which even loonier policies were adopted for a few years. Taiwan had a white terror period from 1947 all the way till 1988 when Martial law was declared and upheld till early 88. Insanity can continue far longer than you can remain solvent. Imagine if the UK government.... or rather when the UK government adds a zero to the currency every couple of days.... you reckon you could stay solvent longer than the insanity?
  15. .... you forget one thing, cooperative printing. Much like team card counting, the BoE prints say 5000 trillion pounds a day. The US Fed prints 50000 trillion dollars a day. The Fed buys British Bonds, The BoE buys US bonds, inflation absolutely tears everybody apart and bread is priced in double powers. but the Market (which is rigged anyway) keeps interest rates at 0.5%. People queue up to be shot as the metal scrap value of bullets can buy a loaf of bread.
  16. At which they will print even more money.... Look at it this way, the people in Zimbabwe starved. Bob and his cabal were OK as were the security forces. The population feck em they can burn. If they revolt then use the army to massacre them. The British will talk about voting them out or something as they have no revolutionary spirit in them. The last major major rebellion was around 1200, when the Great Charter was reneged upon.
  17. Except granny MEW'd like crazy and is living it up in the South of Spain.
  18. And Labour will win by a landslide in 2014, reversing all the 'cuts' and will install MORE printing presses.
  19. I wish to buy futures in your bread.... I'll be laughing when you sold me bread for £10 and its twenty quintillion quid for a slice. I will however accept sovs instead for failing to deliver said bread
  20. Yeah keep repeating that over and over again, while it might have been true in the 1970s and early 1980s. China is a far cry from that today. Re-read the initial OPs post, he's felt the enormous growth and general increased prosperity.
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