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    of this site, as it has lost its purpose.
  1. Agreed, although people living in the Eurozone may think that they are immune from currency speculators, they are not.
  2. Article from the Grauniad: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/dec/3...nt-rates-equity Sounds like Mr & Mrs MEW have realised that the excrement has hit their expensive home air conditioning unit.
  3. I'm not saying that they are better. Yes you are correct it is marketing, media spin and a bit of snobbery. Owning a Beamer is a status symbol. The point is that German, French and Italian car manufacturers are going to have to price their products on the basis of a euro/dollar exchange rate of 1:1, otherwise they will achieve very little sales in the US.
  4. So it's time for go-ahead sweatshops to start manufacturing clothes in this country. About the only EU-manufactured clothing I have come across is made in Portugal, so clothing manufacturers are going to have to undercut these even if they can't yet undercut the cost of Bangladeshi made goods.
  5. But if you want to buy a car, you don't have pay a premium to buy a German one, even if they are better quality, hence why Audi, BMW and VW will suffer a sharp downturn in sales, leading for pressure on the ECB to cuts its base rate.
  6. so it means that the government has to print £245 per month for every man, woman and child in the country to avoid deflation, which economists are sh*t scared of. Thinking about all the state benefits that are going to have to be created to pay the newly unemployed, that £245 per month will easily be achieved.
  7. The denial phase is not yet over as lots of people, particularly middle-class professionals, think it won't affect where they live. I have noticed this among work colleagues who live in south Warwickshire. As they live in more affluent areas than I do, then there will be no price crash there, so they believe. This attitude is most prevalent among those who have MEWed to pay for a house extension.
  8. Just listened to the article. Schiff talks a lot of sense, but his views and similar need to be more mainstream than Radio 4. Gradually I sense that things are changing. More people are now saving rather than spending, hence their mentality has altered somewhat away from endless consumption. Because they have become savers they want better savings rates.
  9. I was in Debenhams yesterday and its price tags are in euros, for RoI shoppers, as well as pounds. (I think that Top Shop / Top Man does the same). I couldn't believe the disparities on the labels though, where a pair of jeans was both £40 and €62. Other products had similar pound / euro price ratios. No wonder about half the Republic's population has headed across the border to shop!
  10. Yes, but El Gordo is stupid and even the average highly-MEWed Sun reader realises that taking on more debt does not pay help pay off existing debt.
  11. It can be done and has been discussed here before. I have noticed that building societies are targeting pensioners with 'high' savings rates (relatively speaking), this being an example: http://www.coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk/s.../sixtyplus.aspx as they realise that this is a secure form of funding amongst a demographic group which is unlikely to move its money into another currency, but may move it between banks and building societies to get the best deal.
  12. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5408903.ece Of course anyone foolish enough to buy next year will be costing in a minimum 12% fall, hence prices will fall further (a lot further IMO).
  13. The bank bailout is primarily to try and save 'the City' and hence the status of London as a major international finance centre, the international finance centre possibly. The reality is that Frankfurt has taken over from London in that regard. With its financial status diminished, London will be no more and no less important than Paris, the heart of another deceased empire.
  14. Yes, but ZanuLabour are too thick to realise that poor savings rates are leading to a flight of currency from the country, hence making it more difficult for the banks to recapitalise.
  15. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/columnists...sbad-times.html OK so a lot of his other points are [email protected], but at least the two above ram the message home to Mr & Mrs MEW. Yes, stay at home chavs!
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