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  1. I signed on for 6 months last year. You will get contributory JSA for 6 months regardless of your savings provided that you have made adequate NI contributions over the previous 2 years. If you are still signing on after six monts you will then have to reapply for income based JSA when you will have to divulge information about your savings. With 23K in the bank you will probably not be eligible for this - I think the current threshold is 16K plus. You will however be eligible for national insurance credits.
  2. Farm Foods sell two 4 pint cartons of full fat or semi skimmed milk for £1.50. Unlike milk from Aldi, Farm Foods milk also tends to have a long shelf life so you don't need to freeze it even if you don't use much on a daily basis.
  3. +1. I'm amazed that some people have their heating on all night. I could never sleep in a warm bedroom and I even have to have the bedroom window open whatever the weather.
  4. Most of the posters on this thread seem to assume that childless women are the tragic victims of adverse economic circumstances. However some women don't actually want children. I am highly educated (four degrees) and am childless but would still have chosen to be childless if I had spent my life shelf stacking at Tescos. The world is already over populated and motherhood has never really appealed to me.
  5. Absolutely right. As a tax payer I don't see why I should subsidise such people's inheritance. If an older person is no longer able to live in their house then what is wrong with selling it to pay their care home fees. If their children aren't happy with this then they should look after them themselves.
  6. Didn't you know - all the men who post on here are irresistable to the opposite sex.
  7. I saw it and it was brilliant. I wonder if he is a HPCer. I hope so.
  8. Too true. Regardless of the the relative merits of their respective views, both Daisy and Kirsty are only able to express these views in the mass media because of who they are related to. So much for a meritocratic society.
  9. Since paying off my mortage 8 years ago I have not been in any debt at all. I have always lived way beneath my means as, for me, freedom from debt slavery rather then consumption is the key to a happy life.
  10. +1. I nearly bought a 'flying freehold' mews style flat a few years ago - part of the property extended over someone eles garage. I had problems in getting a mortgage on it and realised that even if I did get one it would have been difficult to sell again due to legal compexities, so I pulled out.
  11. Can I point out that - The majority of older people remain independent and self supporting till the end of their life and are not reliant on theirs or other people's children for support. Therefore to imply that childless people are somehow benefitting from other people's breeding is ridiculous. - Having chidren is no guarantee that they will look after you when you are old. Care homes are full of people with children.
  12. Why are breeders so smug about their life choices, any farmyard animal can reproduce themselves.
  13. From my experience, outsiders who become 'pillars of the community' are resented by cornish people as they are perceived as taking over their locality. In the village I am familiar with there is a resident 'cornish bard' who isn't even cornish and he is generally despised by the locals.
  14. I am a regular visitor to West Cornwall and the insularity amongst many of the locals is quote astonishing. I have met some who have never left the county, even for a holiday. One one hand, I can understand their resentment of second home owning 'foreigners' pushing up house prices but at the same time, without us emmits there would be no tourist trade and the county would be even poorer. While it is a beautiful county, it can also seem very bleak and unwelcoming to 'outsiders' and for that reason I don't think I could ever live there permanently.
  15. You seem to imply that buying an expensive house should be the pinnacle of all our aspirations. However, being a slave to mortgage debt can be an obstacle to true aspiration, achievement and 'thrills'.
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