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  1. A friend of mine told me today of his tales of woe..........£ 700 per month for child minder's fees. And that is only for ONE kid! It's gonna be even worse when the missus goes back to work and they have to fork-out for nipper number two. What's it all about?????????????????????
  2. Spoke to a friend of mine this evening who told me of the woes of a mate of his. His buddy is an area manager for a large company subsidiary somewhere in London. He is currently trying to recruit salesmen who are expected to work all the hours under the sun for c9ap wages etc................................... Apparently, the quality of potential candidates in this particular region is well below average compared to other parts of the country and he is loathed to recruit anyone who doesn't own their own home. A commitment thing? Is there a technical term for this sort of ar5holeism?
  3. Spoke to an old friend this afternoon who works for G.M. in France. President announced this morning that drastic measures are necessary / underway in order to reduce costs, etc.................... Lots of twitch bottoms in his department. Should hit the press very soon (if it hasn't done so already).
  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm! Actually, a good old w4nk is good for the old prostate gland (according to reliable medical sources). But in your case, UNHEALTHY! Take your face for a shJt, nobber!
  5. Go and have a spicy Pot noodle................. Then a good long hard w*nk.......... Read what's cookin.' .........Then listen to the 'Monkey.' If that doesn't work. GET A LIFE! B.B.
  6. Yes. And I believe It's gonna happen all over again. But MUCH, MUCH worse!
  7. Just before the last HPC, I used to work in foreign climes. Met the Mrs; Moved back to the U.K; got maried, etc; etc; etc. Prior to our move back to Blighty, we did the rounds of visiting friends / family and estate agents. Everyone told us that the housing market was 'Red Hot' and that prices just kept on going up and up and up! That was in 1989. The other 'alf was intent on buying regardless of any downturn - she worked for one of the BIG banks and her boss said that things would continue to be wonderful forever. Anyway, bought the first pad for £ 72K (negotiated down from £85K) and t
  8. ..............Or maybe even go to '**********' where Consa talks to himself for most of the time.....
  9. I'll get me coat, then....................................
  10. I'm a freelance Quantity Surveyor on the south coast - and have been for the last eleven years or so. I work for quite a few of the BIG names in the construction industry (NOT BUILDING HOUSES, I MAY ADD). Over the last couple of months, I've been amazed at the number of 'live' contracts which have suddenly been either postponed or cancelled, with no apparent reason, or where the client has decided that now is not the best time to invest. The construction industry (NOT NECESSARILY HOUSE BUILDING) is normally a good barometer for the state of the economy. If current findings are true, then I
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