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  1. What a cheek......... I'm with you on this one wouldnt pay more than £125,000
  2. Yes I agree that it is starting to feel a lot like the 80s I know lots of people under threat of redundancy and quite despondent about there chances of securing another job. However I am dumfounded with sellers in Ayrshire at the moment their stand off is unbelievable in terms of unwillingness to reduce prices. North Ayrshire is still way over priced!!! I am still looking however I wont advertise until I see prices coming down significantly. I am more than willing to drop my price by 50% if the house I was interested in did likewise. Of course silly me has a mortgage well within earning
  3. All is really quiet on this forum, is everyone else like me now not at all interested in buying until house prices become more realistic?? There still seems to be extreme niavity by sellers marketing houses at prices that are way too unrealistic. A number of people are shortly about to become unstuck. I know of a seller who stupidly signed missives on a new build and still cannot sell their home. I am sure there must be others like this. However they are not translating their desperation into reduced prices. Think they plan to keep their head in the sand until they are declared bankrupt.
  4. Very quiet on the Ayrshire forum!! Been on Holiday and cant believe how in a couple of weeks the market has now completely come to a standstill. Why are people still marketing their houses at prices that buyers cant get mortgages for, its complete madness. Might as well save the EA fees as these houses are not going to sell unless they reduce the prices. At both ends of the spectrum prices need to come down. The wise sellers will be the first to reduce as once it starts it will keep on rolling downwards. No point now in hoping you might get a sale at last years prices. I expect everyo
  5. Like you the its getting boring...........until I saw this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-218...=1&tr_t=buy I think this house started off at offers over £237,500 had a few small falls till today. Now the biggie.............. over 10% I'll search the rest of the market and report any others, this of course might be the one to make the rest of Whitehirst and beyond take a tumble!!!
  6. Nearing the 1000 mark here should seen see stagnation turn into decreasing prices!!!
  7. Hi Violator Nice to meet you. Have to say to say think you are really doing the right thing. Remain in the rental market for the timebeing. The market in Ayrshire is dead unless you keenly price your property they are the only ones selling. Neighour of mine has had 4 bedroom house on the market for 4 months now, last I heard she had not had a single viewer. Relative of mine also has house on the Market and no viewers either. Dont let your neighbour influence you they have every reason to talk the market up! With the changes in Mortgages in terms of loan to value and mortgage multip
  8. But there is no CRASH in Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Now boys can we keep to the subject of the Ayrshire Housing market and stop this silly slanging match!! Anyway noted a big drop on this house today, previously had a big spread on it in the Ardrossan Saltcoats Herald followed by a drop to 230K now have offers over price again although much reduced, will be interested to see if this now generates a sale!!! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-176...=3&tr_t=buy
  10. Whats even better is the Land Registry figures are for the period Jan to Mar where no doubt most transactions were agreed in late in 2007 before any serious talk of a Credit Crunch. Cant wait to see the next quarters figures!!!
  11. The Ayrshire forum has went quiet recently, me thinks its due to the now boring stand off and the complete stagnation in the market, anyone any info on whats happening, please post. Thanks
  12. Excellent tracking, the balloon must surely be about to POP............
  13. Well done my rounds today. First visited 2 empty EA's in Kilwinning the first insisted that it looked as if things were now picking up as she had just read her Rightmove Stats. I nearly laughed my head off that she perceived this to be a valid indicator!!! Chose not to tell her that this was probably as a result of me posting a few links on this Website. Second one I visited were less optimistic saying things were pretty flat unless priced keenly. Then I visited a new house development to see if there were any offers on the go. However nothing doing here either. I suggested I would c
  14. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-146...=2&tr_t=buy They must be joking these will never sell at this price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Not put any offers in since January as with each passing day nerves are starting to go. I am keeping an eye on a couple of properties and when I smell blood I am going to offer 20% below. I thinking of taking myself into Kilwinning tomorrow to a couple of EA's offices to try and get a better feel of their views and how desparate they are getting. I'll update tomorrow when I get back in.
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