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  1. Retail Rents are fairly rediculous at the moment. A 1000 sq ft unit in Caerphilly (a fairly prosperous, but still struggling Valleys market town) is £36000 per annum, with an additional £20k odd in rates. (This is for a prime pitch unit, close to the main carpark/anchour store) While this may work for clothing retail where margins are fairly large, for specialist retail on small margins, it just doesn't add up. HMV will probably struggle on for another couple of years, gradually closing stores, mobile phone and game retailers will not be far behind. Only when rents drop to a more sustainable level will independant retail be able to compete.
  2. There's no option for 'I own the company, and the last person I'll make redundant is me.'
  3. Would you invest in a construction company at the moment? Sounds to me like RBS are being sensible with our money. The article mentions contracts that would product sales of £10million, if these sales are not 100% guaranteed, then £10 million can become £8million can become £2million, can become £0, if the margin is only 3%, a small fall in the market would result in a big fat whopping loss and RBS would have to write down more of the taxpayers money. Let's face it, if you were a construction company over the last 10 years you should have been able to make a blummin fortune and as long as you didn't pay out silly dividends you could be in the situation where you don't need bank finance to stay solvent. Then you can survive the downturn, that's what good business is about. If however you had an unsustainable business model relying on super thin margins and cheap credit, then you deserve to go bust. It's har on the employees, but better to let the company go to the wall and allow the strong companies to survive. They will then be able to employ all/some of the redundant workers in a SUSTAINABLE, well run business.
  4. In a way the best news for the workers at Sunderland, Cowley, Swindon etc would be an announcement that Opel/Vauxhall can't be saved. This would result in a massive cut in the european/world capacity for car production, meaning that once the current downturn is over, all those other places will be more profitable. There is currently too much capacity to produce cars, the current downturn/recession/depression/apocalypse has finally brought it to the point where something has to give. If it's not Opel/Vauxhall, it'l be another company. This is why the gvmt really shouldn't bail out any car manufacturer, and should ensure that no other EU gvmnt doesn't bail out any car manufacturer. This will leave us with a more competitive and healthy market. Bail out one company, and you have just put the nail into the coffin of one of the others, who is probably better run!
  5. All you need is one of these http://www.blushingbuyer.co.uk/product/286...---for-him.html or one of these http://www.blushingbuyer.co.uk/product/286...---for-her.html
  6. So despite the drop in the rate of VAT (which in itself should see a drop in the rate of inflation) inflation has actually failed to 'really' drop this month, infact it's still about 1% above the BoE target. Most of my suppliers have imposed a 10-15% rise in prices in January, which will result in a 10% or so rise in retail prices (this is in the retail pharmacy/cosmetics industry), some of those may be in the figures for Jan, but I expect most will actually filter through in Feb. SO WHY ARE WE WORRIED ABOUT DEFLATION?? As far as I can see it, it is just a way of stopping us worrying about inflation. The more the media and government talk about deflation, the more the sheeple worry about deflation, ignoring the real problem, which is inflation which is above target and has been for rather a long time. Why? Well, we actually need a dose of inflation to gradually erode the value of all that debt we are in, all that debt that this corrupt government has both taken for the country, and allowed to be borrowed by idiots with houses. BUT people still remember the 70's and how painful runaway inflation really is, and the 80's where we had to have really high interest rates to control it. So if we talk about deflation the sheeple won't be scared. (Whilst at the same time taking measures that ensure that inflation actually stays above target, therefore devaluing all that debt.) The problem is, you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but eventually people will realise that the £ in their pocket is paying for less in the shops and more importantly the people who are lending this country money so it can stay solvent will realise that their money is actually becoming worth less, not more. When that happens (and it will) suddenly we will start worrying about inflation again. By which time it will be too late and we will have to see a massive rise in interest rates, just like the 80's. So it will be back to 3million unemployed and interest rates around 5-10% or higher. Still think you have some equity in your house???
  7. It's not a bad place to live, enough shops so you can avoid going to Cardiff except occasionally, but close enough for commuting or even a night out (taxi £20 or so, best to pre book a philly taxi rather than hail one in the 'diff) Bedwas and Machen are not too bad and prices are dropping pretty quickly. Check out mustbesold.com for what looks like a good value auction property. Not sure how it's going to be hit by the recession, the high st is a bit run down already, so if a few more shops shut it could be in trouble. Does have a reputation as a 'chav' town, but I'd say it's nicer than the equivalently priced Cardiff suburbs. (We moved from Llanrumney to Nr Caerphilly 4 years ago)
  8. foolonastrom


    Quick update, the auction was yesterday, it didn't sell, auctionsite now says available at... £90k
  9. foolonastrom


    This is an interesting property. Machen is a really nice village between Newport and Caerphilly, prices always slightly higher than caerphilly, although they did go a little silly towards the end of the boom. This particular property is quite interesting; http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...&radius=0.0 Originally Advertised at £219000 in July Dropped to £197995 in Oct Dropped to £179950 later in Oct Dropped to £169950 in December And now it's been repossesed? (I have no evidence of this) And is up for auction! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...&radius=0.0
  10. Tuesday the 6th Jan WILL be black Tuesday, FTSE down to below 4000, followed by a week of falls, ending the week at around 3500. No one is trading as their bonuses depend on the market value at the end of the year. As soon as that is locked in, SELL, SELL, SELL.
  11. Many discussions already about tomorrows yet to be announced cut in VAT, so don't use this thread to discuss that anymore. However, imagine you are the Chancellor, and that you have been convinced by him next door that 'fiscal stimulus'(Personally I think it's probably the wrong think to do, but again, lets not discuss that in this thread) is the only way out of the hole that was created by the Americans. (Him next door). So what measures would you introduce to encourage spending, help business and get the economy booming again? My ideas; Big reduction in business rates. This is a tax before profits, so reducing it will really help struggling businesses. If it results in bigger profits, then this would be partially recouped in increased corporation tax. Complete suspension of stamp duty on property for 18 months. Stimulate the housing market, but just for a little while to break the deadlock. (OK, this is going to be unpopular in here, but please stick to the scenario above, thanks)
  12. Found that page, doesn't really explain what it is, or how it works. Would I be right in thinking that if I paid £100 a month in Mortgage interest, I would get tax relief (at 20%) on this amount, menaing a saving to me of £20 per month? Would this be deducted from what i PAY INTEREST, OR WOULD i NEED TO CLAIM IT BACK,OR WOULD IT NOT BE DEDUCTED FROM MY SALARY????? (Ooops, sorry about the shouting)
  13. Forgive my ignorance, however as I was not a homeowner back in the 90's, WTF is MIRAS, and how does it work?
  14. A Felt Virtue and a Genesis Io singlespeed. The local jet wash won't let you wash muddy bikes! So I have a hose in the back garden, but even with meticulous washing, some of the pivots are not quite as smooth as they should be. I ride 2-3 times a week, so time not spent washing bikes in the cold is quite valuable. Standing out in the cold becomes old really quick, the singlespeed just gets a little bit of oil every now and again, and washed every 4-6 rides, if I did that with the felt the bushings and the drivetrain would be a solid by now.
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