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  1. What a very well constructed, thoughtful and well measured post. Another one of INGERLUND, INGERLUND brigade. Marvellous, you couldn't make it up. Shouldn't you be taking the pit bull out for a walk, or nipping down to the barbers to get your head shaved a bit closer to the wood ? INGERLUND must be very proud of you - a credit to your nation indeed !
  2. Well, I am in doubt about the possibility. Let me make that seriously in doubt about that possibility. But heh - ho , they say you learn something everyday. So Freedom to Fascism I will indeed check out, altho' I can't help but think - it is a movie. PS - Am I understanding you correctly, are you saying the USA has or has had a zero income tax economy ? Genuine question BTW !
  3. Holy shoot, are you another member of the Dr Bubb sect ? Are you over 21 ? Do you really want a counter argument against mattstat1964 errant nonsense ? Let me just remind you what he said, and I'll paraphrase : In future all people will be slaves, with all your details being stored in a capsule in your body. You will need this " unique implant " to function as a human being. Nurse.....................nurse....................come quick ! PS - Naive I think not, STR club for me and still very happy with life ! PPS - Are you a real Doctor ?
  4. You are indeed a tad naive, and it seems to me as mad as a March hare. If you genuinely believe this - you my friend ARE a nutcase !
  5. Well done amigo, the first well measured and rational assessment of what may have happened. Forget the hysteria and the conspiracy theories. The members of the BOE are not in collusion with anybody, they are nine individuals who interpret the data and vote accordingly. Their voting records are a matter of public record. Before all the bulls get too excited, lets just wait and see.....................
  6. Hope so - I'm off to Vegas on Friday ( interest on STR fund ). Altogether now...... Oh Las Vegas, you'll be the death of me, City of Sin Oh what a mess I'm in - I'm gettin deeper in................. :
  7. And what has Brown being Scottish got do with the price of houses, you English WAN*ER? Get a grip. I bet you're one of those guys, town centre, Friday night, altogether now. INGERLUND, INGERLUND INGURLUND ! Cut the xenophobic claptrap, or I'll come round and stick my sporran up yer ar5e !
  8. No, like I say, you are illiterate !
  9. You mean LOSERS - right ? Another illiterate landlord - sheeeesh !
  10. Also, noticed an ad on iTV for Haarts last night - haven't seen this before on mainstream telly. Question is, why ? It obviously won't have been cheap, so is business so good that they are spending more to develop the brand and increase market share against their competitors, or do they see a lack of supply in their pipelines and are consequently trying to drum up more business ? I wonder !
  11. Is PG on there (or CIUW) already ? Genuine question by the way !
  12. Nice one doggie, and prob not far from the truth. Just put the adoloescect tw@t on ignore too - ah bliss !!!
  13. Ahhhhh, chiming of large bell inside me head. " I get ya " as Harry Enfields classic character Big Bob Joylove would say. CIUW, is that you, you foul mouthed adolescent ? Naughty, naughty - there does seem to be a certain similiarity with the tendency to resort to insults Bless, have seen it all now !
  14. Bloomin Nora - PG are you really a millionaire 3 and 3/4 times over ? Nah, surely not. You're a major wind up, right ? PS - Just reviewed some of your posts, major wind up merchant for sure! He he he he........... millionaire. Arf arf arf ! But entertaining nevertheless.
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