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  1. Indeed, you have to remeber that every armed rebellion in the US since the revolution has been lost. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shays%27_Rebellion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiskey_Rebellion
  2. if it makes you feel better the MinL is still thinking buying is great, so I still don't think we're quite in shoeshine territory yet
  3. you could go with a mix, there's no reason for eggs all in one basket. e.g. Gold (bullionvault for, well, in a vault. Chards for sovs/kuggerands) NSI index linked bonds (RPI plus some %, yes RPI is fudged but better than nothing) Highest fixed rate bonds you can find (try looking at some of the BS that are refusing to pass on further rate cuts) Maybe some foriegn currency
  4. its a recession if someone you know loses their job, its a depression if you lose yours
  5. £1 bn here, £1 bn there... sooner or later it starts adding up
  6. Quite possibly, did he do his PhD in Manc and undergrad in Glasgow?
  7. It really depends on what you want to do with it, I went down the CASE PhD route which happened to be better for me as I stayed in academic research (which I really like dispite the slating its got on this thread). But if you were planning on being a professional engineer then EngD is probably a better way to get some training while still tasting the bitter brew that is research. Two things on a related note: We were explicitly told while doing our final undergrad year (MPhys) that we would earn less money over our career (due to oppertunity cost as you say) if we did a PhD, so at least they were honest about that. In both my PhD and postdoc departments there are a lot of european research who have come to British institutions because its so difficult to progress or even find a job in european institutes, and many choose to do a PhD here because while it is generally shorter than in europe they felt it was just as good. So its not all doom and gloom.
  8. If they are then its all the more reason to get out of sterling now!
  9. Sorry to be offtopic but that's the best explanation of the laws of thermodynamics I've ever heard
  10. Bullionvault.com if you want to trade it & have it looked after in a bank vault somewhere. A jewelers if you want to keep it under the bed (I've used chards before for gold sovergns).
  11. Quite frankly its the only way he could redeem himself in my eyes
  12. Possibly... Definitely incompetence incarnate
  13. What's it like living in Disley, I'm from Glossop originally but now living in Manchester and was thinking of getting out to the peaks again. Anyone else to avoid lettings wise? Debtlessmanc, you don't happen to work at manchester uni do you?
  14. If you really must stoop to their level and resort to violence, may I suggest using a pair of house bricks to castrate him.
  15. Gah! Please don't mention Kirsty, 'filling the gap' and pornography in the same sentance.
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