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  1. That sucks for him, getting screwed over by his imaginary girlfriend!
  2. But he stole it from an honest hardworking bank, rather than the greedy taxpayer.
  3. That would be a tragic waste if he didn't take the rest of the parliamentry labour party with him.
  4. +1 I was about to add, you don't have to go all in or all out of any one currency. If your concerned about protecting the value of your savings rather than a confident speculation to make some money, then why not put some in euros, dollars, gold, yen etc.
  5. I appreciate that it annoys you when people on the forum make grossly unfair generalisations about baby boomers, but it does not justify doing the same about younger generations. Most people of my age haven't been massively splurging debt on consumer goods. I can only speak for people I know, but all their debt is from either university or from a mortgage.
  6. Maybe it's better to have one week less of them digging the hole deeper? Eternal optimist elk
  7. I demand an independant inquiry into why superted was banned.
  8. Doing nothing is always an option, even if you think you shouldn't do nothing. That's just stupid thinking manifesting as stupid speech. I think politicians should adopt the hippocratic principle of 'First, do no harm'. Make damn sure your not dicking up things further by cack-handed intervention.
  9. From wiki "In a forum such as the G-20, it is particularly important for the number of countries involved to be restricted and fixed to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of its activity. There are no formal criteria for G-20 membership and the composition of the group has remained unchanged since it was established. In view of the objectives of the G-20, it was considered important that countries and regions of systemic significance for the international financial system be included. Aspects such as geographical balance and population representation also played a major part." I think its G7 plus whoever they feel might be important http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-20_major_economies
  10. As far as I am aware Legal Tender only means it must be accepted by a court as means of settling a debt. So for anything that you use before you pay it must be accepted. Either there and then, or later when they take you to court to try and recover the debt.
  11. You could try and make the leap into 'pharmaceutical entrepreneurship' with as many 'gifts' as possible from your previous job. Fringe benefits include up to £30k in LHA, never paying tax, and a colourful cross section of society as customers.
  12. How long is the 1.75% rate? It could be a great deal for a FTB looking to stay in the same home for life or it could be a massive trap when rates shoot up to 10%.
  13. I would go into teaching physics and chemistry if I could get a job at an all girls post-16 private school.
  14. It just annoys me a little when there's this big push to get people studying science, but very few decent jobs awaiting them on the other side of a long hard education. I can see why a lot of people just end up doing doss subjects at university.
  15. I guess the take home message is people were greedy and stupid and always will be.
  16. Agreed, its 30% more complex with 74% more representative options.
  17. You can't expect a biologist to have anything to do with numbers!
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