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  1. This is an interesting point. We do need some uniformity of law to ensure the common market is a level playing field. The US federal system has suffered from similar problems to the ones we face now with regards to overstepping the boundaries of what's neccesary for a market. Their constitution outlines the powers of the federal government and it wasn't supposed to go beyond anything not explicitly stated. Successive supreme courts and governments have however rammed through country wide legislation using a clause that allowed governments to regulate commerce between US states, often based on very flimsy logic. It seems like most EU laws come from this sort of mentality.
  2. First we had napster, they shut it down, and P2P became decentralised. Then we had Kaaza, they filled it with misnamed files, and P2P became more accurate. Now we have bittorrent for fast whole discography or series downloads... If they try and shut that down P2P will only come back with something even greater.
  3. " The Only Way They Will Get Brown Out Of Number 10 Is In A Body Bag " Sounds ok with me, can we get it done by the end of the week?
  4. That's right. The Greenhouse effect on water vapour is far larger (about 30 K) than even the worse can for CO2, CH4, CFC (1-4 K). But it is generally considered a feedback rather than a forcing (like CO2 and albedo) because its vapour pressure and state vary so much over the conditions of interest. In clouds the water is in a liquid state which means it can reflect, but it can also insulate. So a cloud at night or low level can insulate and heat, but a high level cloud will almost certainly cool the surface. This is why the aerosol effects are so poorly understood relatively speaking. And as for the chemtrails...read my sig.
  5. This is pretty much what a lot of pollution does. Particulates from dirty power stations, diesel cars, and oddly enough rainforests, cause cloud droplet nucleation which causes more clouds, which (being white) have a cooling effect. This is very poorly understood compared to things like CO2, CH4, land use albedo and sun activity. The guy who my lab is named after proposing cloud seeding as a last ditch effort to stop global warming should it become a more serious problem. www.planetwork.net/climate/cooling/Global%20Cooling%204-08.pdf
  6. I'm pretty sure the reflected light is in the optical....because its white. The greenhouse effect is from the earth surface absorbing light - heating up - then black body emission. So reflection reduces this. But I can't think why this is news, the cooling from the albedo effect has been known for ages. Mostly from Land use, cloud and ice cover, and atmospheric aerosols (the biggest uncertainty in climate change).
  7. There's no need to stereotype my entire generation.
  8. The bus company probably just doesn't want old men doing a bit of DIY clogging up the transport network, to make sure it has enough space for pissed chavs listening to music on their speak phones.
  9. No, but as a consolation, more work. (not really of course, just reading too much dilbert)
  10. I recently got promoted at work to grand imperial vice duke of all engineering. I was hoping to get some business cards but alas I'm only a vice duke
  11. Dammit, if he'd have just made it a few chapters longer...
  12. That sucks. I don't have a house. I don't even have a wheel barrow
  13. Sir, we've captured the last of the baked bean hoarders.
  14. Tom Levitt is MP where I grew up, and it was him that first got me interested in politics....specifically anti-labour politics. I'm met the odious little man and from what I can tell, most of his local party dislike him to. On the subject of expenses, I think a lot of it from some of the top claimants will be wages for constituency helpers, who often tend to be things like sons and daughters of local councillors (or councillors themselves). I leave as an exercise to the reader to decide if you think this is ok.
  15. I didn't want the apocalypse, I just wanted to be able to afford shelter at a reasonable price.
  16. How did you turn this into a generational thing? Idiocy isn't the exclusive preserve of the young or old.
  17. * Sold off most of our gold reserves at rock bottom prices. * Put financial services ahead of actually making stuff, and then failed to adequately regulate them. * Picked inflation indicies which excluded house prices, encouraging an economically destructive bubble. * Raided pension funds, discouraging saving and investment. * The whole police state thing, freedom is good for business, oppression isn't
  18. I say its not immoral, because people who have bought when they can't really afford it have push prices up, pricing myself out of the market. If anything, its Karma.
  19. Think of it as a tax on being impatient. I've seen some food getting cheaper but invariably as a result of special offers. Presumably so sellers can hide rising prices by just getting rid of the offer later.
  20. Not as sorry as I'd feel for yours (if your impotency ever gets better)
  21. Indeed, the whole system needs to be taken into account. For a first order approximation it is Sun-Earth-Life. The reason evolution doesn't violate the 2nd Law is that the decrease in entropy caused by having more complex life is vastly outweighed by the increase in the Sun's entropy.
  22. The answer is fairly simple, just like Gordon. Its because he's a retard.
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