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  1. 4.6%! I guess I should be spunking more money up wall on electrical goods then.
  2. I think everyone, myself included, is trying to give you a negative view because you've already decided to do one. So you don't need any positive advice. Being positive is good but it will inevitably get very bad at some point, but this happens to EVERYONE. So when it does, don't feel your different or its impossible or no one else goes through it. I'm sure you'll do great. I wish you all the best. Elk
  3. Add on another 14k for me, for wanting to get an education.
  4. One thing to add to this, rent with people who work or other postgrads. The last thing you need is p***ed flatmates waking you up at 4 in the morning every weekday.
  5. A PhD is very rewarding but as others have said, it is also an isolating, stressful experience akin to treading water in an ocean of s**t for three years. By all means do one, but remember it is HARD. I really think you don't want the stress of a house and lodger on top of it.
  6. I had much more tender things to do at the important age of 21.
  7. Some pretty unsympathetic replies. But what the hell did they expect?
  8. But if it weren't for the scientists and engineers we'd still be handing out leeches and a draught of mercury for the pox.
  9. I suspect other people on here can give better advice, but here is mine. As long as its mutual there shouldn't be a problem getting the deposit back. I assume you both have a copy of the origional AST contract so you could agree to meet and destroy them. If your extra paranoid you could both just write an agreement saying ' we both aggree to void our previous contract (ast, date) signed by both parties.
  10. To the extent we're interested in politics at all (I'll generously call myself 'young' at 27). It tends to be less government interference in your life, with odd hypocritical stances on a particular issue.
  11. I actually thought this was a wind up at first.
  12. Why not take a deep cleansing breath, have a nice sit down and a cup of tea. Then run a bath and have a glass of wine to relax. Then go and blow something up.
  13. You could automatically bin a random 50% of the CVs, to ensure you don't hire unlucky people.
  14. Call me crazy but I like having people who aren't politicians representing my country.
  15. I'd be happy for less regulation provided it cut both ways. So no BoE as the lender of last resort, no bailouts, no fractional reserve lending and no limited liability.
  16. I think you only want to hold debt if there is prolonged wage inflation, which seems unlikely looking at job losses and pay cuts being forced on people. So like you say, it seems more like the last crash than the 70's.
  17. £105k And that's not just a fact. It's cold, hard speculation.
  18. I guess we don't personally have much to compare it to. Even during the great depression some (most?) people had jobs and carried on.
  19. Good point. We're all preaching to the choir ( and about 6 retards ) here. We should spread the good news of hpc.
  20. I guess they can talk sense now it doesn't really matter.
  21. And they were right, due to a sudden under supply of housing.
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