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  1. Angry pirate is quite correct. If it had been a rolling contract he wouldn't have need to, but if you signed a new one then he does. Now you have an added incentive of getting back triple what you were hoping for. There are a couple of threads here about people winning cases concerning a lack of TDS protection, I'd heartifly recommend reading them.
  2. http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/britain-trapped-under-two-feet-of-global-warming-********-201011253286/
  3. you should send a letter before action as the first step to taking him to court. He will still have to prove in a court that his deductions are beyond 'fair wear and tear' which after 5 years can be said to include a lot. Try sending this and get a proof of posting. Only communicate by letter and always get a proof of posting. He will most likely back down when he realises you are serious. Don't settle for any deductions. Letter before action Dear MrXXX Re: Flat/houseXXX With reference to the above property Between XXX and XXX we were tenants of this property. During this time we have never missed a single rent payment and believe we have been good tenants The property, as per our contract, was left in the same condition as it was found, minus fair wear and tear. We are writing directly to you to demand the immediate return of our full deposit of £XXX. If this money is not received in its entirety by XXX we will be making an application to court to obtain a county court judgment (CCJ) against you for this amount plus any court costs we accrue in the process We look forward to receiving full payment of our deposit presently. Yours Sincerely
  4. Contest absolutely everything with the TDS. You have nothing to lose.
  5. I was in the same boat last year, send letters (get proof of posting) to landlord (not agent) demanding full return of the deposit in X days. Threaten small claims action to get it back, remeber they will still have to prove any deductions they make to a court.
  6. And why is the stuff around the Orkney's Scotland's Oil anyway? Liberty for Orcadains from Scottish tyranny!
  7. No they're not. A *very* small number might contribute to science if they work at a university, but it is chemists, physicists, biologists and geneticists that have been at forefront of medicine.
  8. I'd like to add that if it weren't for scientists inventing all the drugs, treatments and diagnostic equipment, and engineers building them. 'Doctors' would still be prescribing leeches for most complaints and mercury for the pox!
  9. These are the derbyshire prices for april-june 2010. As you can see there is a massive price difference between regions in just one county. Hoping to buy in the High peak myself, which managed to drop 11% during the bull trap. ALL PROPERTIES: Click headings to re-order table AREA AV PRICE QUARTER ANNUAL SALES Derbyshire Dales £258,767 2.3% 11.2% 214 South Derbyshire £173,127 6.4% 3.3% 301 North East Derbyshire £171,338 13.1% 4.2% 261 High Peak £162,512 -0.9% -11.0% 227 Amber Valley £161,766 -0.8% 17.4% 355 Chesterfield £141,615 4.4% 9.9% 264 Erewash £139,410 12.2% 7.7% 336 Bolsover £119,993 9.4% 1.7% 179
  10. It includes (according to the graph) rents and the cost of home ownership. So presumably mortgages, fixing the boiler, building work and God knows what else.
  11. Exactly. Do we as a nation *really* need that much Scotland.
  12. The letting agent I was with for nearly 5 years were actually reasonable competant with repairs, no intrusive inspections and they actually bothered to respond to e-mail very fast. The one time they didn't repair something fast, it was a genuine mistake and they got on the case fast once remined. It was a real shame that after all this they acted like complete arsewipes when it came to moving out, trying to stiff me on the deposit. Before that I would have recommended them to anyone but they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  13. Yes I'm sure a central database wouldn't be completely open to massive abuse.
  14. If you're innocent, you have nothing to fear? The argument of tyrants and retards alike.
  15. Is that true even if the AST specifically mentions the tennant is liable for these things?
  16. Does it mean I can play on the xbox while I'm having a dump? Bargin!
  17. I assumed it was because they usually want to see proof that utility bills and CT are paid, and you usually need to give the utility company a final meter reading on the day before it can happen. And also, letting agents are not good people.
  18. The most important question is does your tenancy predate the TDS or not. Its a legal requirement if your AST was signed after the TDS came into force. The contract should have an address for the landlord to be served any notices at, this can be an agent or even a PO box. But if you did take them to court, sending letters before action and summons to the contract address is sufficient. If the landlord ignores them or doesn't check, at least you know where they keep one of their largest assets
  19. Make an educated guess about the probablity we'll see inflation & the same for deflation. Then split it between gold and cash, in proportion to how likely you think each scenario is. Then go and buy a bottle of nice whiskey. Ardbeg renessiance or glendfiddich depending on whether you like whiskey or wallowing in your own filth, respectively.
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