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  1. I always thought it would be funny to make scotland independant but let the orkneys and shetlands stay in the UK and give them any oil thats left
  2. just don't let them in, and write to them to revoke their implied right of access to your home.
  3. very true but a minor (pedantic) point, Tim Berners Lee developed the world wide web, the internet already existed before this
  4. Mine are: Labour 'Think of the children' and scallys
  5. like the ones that get their knowledge of quantum mechanics from cheap pseudoscience like What the Bleep Do We Know!??
  6. I assume by 'excellent' you mean 'rubbish'
  7. the adult in a student house has to pay 75% of the council tax. Which is painfull if its a large 4/5/6 bed house and it is their first shitty job
  8. All the forums I visit seem to be blending into one...
  9. But they said giant bean stalks only ever go up!
  10. why? what do you have against bestiality*? * or the more PC term, inter-species erotica
  11. Don't we have ~60 million living on around ~2% of the land area? I don't think we'll ever run out of space as such, its food and energy that will cap population
  12. They are very mainstream, Lord Kelvin estimate the age of the Earth based on heat loss but got an answer several orders of magnitude out because he failed to take into account (or rather didn't know about) radioactive decay keeping the temperature higher than it otherwise would have been. (another physicist, Surface Science)
  13. PS........ Will someone say what STR stands for!!......perlease! Sell to Rent
  14. does "distressed seller" mean its sinking?
  15. Would this also mean that most people having trouble would be better off going bankrupt, as they wouldn't need to/be able to borrow money in the future? Further pushing prices down. (First post)
  16. Hi All Been quite p***ed of with house prices for a while now and have been lurking on the site for a month and decided to get a login to try and contribute. Cheers Elk
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