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  1. Great news Chris, well done.
  2. I assume the contract is signed by you and the landlord? If so, I can't think how the letting agent going broke would invalidate it.
  3. Almost certainly worth dobbing him into the taxman, he sounds like a real piece of work.
  4. I guess it depends if its a nice place serving proper well kept beer with a friendly atmosphere, or a grotty chav infested chain pub with no soul and plenty of vomit.
  5. Dr Elk

    Random Bus

    On my morning able to the train station this morning, I saw a groty clapped out double decker bus causing no end of problems down some crowded backstreets. Blue as a baboon's **** it was, with no passengers at all. Very odd, I thought. It turned a corner and low and behold it was an advertising bus for my tayor and wimpey dream home. A rather noisy, diesel spewing, filth encrusted advert mind. They look quite desperate.
  6. The scenario I'm imaging is one where you seem a place through rightmove, so the agent would get a cut whatever. I would have thought people would be more comfortable with dealing direct, than a slimy high pressure salesman. Although there is something to be said for making the negotiations detached via a 3rd party.
  7. If you're making an offer, is there any reason to submit it to the estate agent, rather than just dealing directly with the vendor? Pro's & con's?
  8. What constitutes professional cleaning anyway? If you paid a mate £1 to run round the place with a feather duster, does that count? Cleaned (albeit badly), professional in the strictest sense of the word. I think come the revolution, letting agents will be 5th against the wall.
  9. look at the land registry to see what they sell for, factor in how much they've fallen since the last sale, then knock 10% of that figure so they can feel they've argued you up. If you're not embarrassed by your first offer, it was too high.
  10. Lots of people want ferrari's but that doesn't push the price up. Economic demand means someone being willing and able to pay for a good or service. It's easy credit that has increased the economic demand for houses and pushed up the price.
  11. I'm currently a postdoc at a russel group uni in the north of england, and to be honest I think my pay is pretty good considering its a job I actually enjoy doing. The real kicker is the complete lack of job security. I don't want to move round the country (or even the globe) every 3 years, I would like to settle down in one place, put down roots and raise a family.
  12. This is the main reason I woulnd't do it, say that proof of funds will only be given after an offer has been accepted.
  13. A formal application defiantly does, I don't think an agreement in principle will but its best to confirm these things with the people you're applying for the mortgage with. I don't think AIP are important, as long as your realisitic about how much you can borrow, as it will still come down to what the surveyor says.
  14. But if you didn't show them, he would still have to pass the offer on (although he may tell the vendors he couldn't confirm that its a cash offer).
  15. You don't even need to show anything when you make an offer.
  16. Short answer, no. long answer, nooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  17. I've been looking into this too, its still First direct and HSBC (for good LTV). I think the First direct one is slightly better in terms of letting you do unlimited overpayments, whereas the HSBC one is only 20% overpayments.
  18. You have to remember when comparing modern houses to older ones that we're selecting only the very best of the old ones (i.e. the ones that survived), and they may have needed a lot of expensive work done to them over the years.
  19. For God's sake don't try it, but I'm pretty sure the antidote for methanol poisoning is indeed ethanol. Its preferentially processed in the livers metabolic pathways, so all the nasty products of methanol processing don't get made in the first place.
  20. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.
  21. And most of the rest should belong to the Shetland and Orkney islanders.
  22. The origional 13 colonies created the federal government after an earlier confederation didn't have enough central power to do anything, the current US constitution replaced the earlier articles of confederation. During the 1812-1814 war several of the coastal states who's trade was being decimated by the british navel blockade raised the issue of leaving the union, and it was mainly the southern states who told them no they can't. Certainly backfired for them a generation later.
  23. Events 1861-1865 established that the federal government has sole sovereignty.
  24. from http://www.hesa.ac.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1798&Itemid=297 Students 2,396,050 -Undergrads -1,859,240 -Postgrads -536,810 Staff 382,760 -Academic -179,040 -Non-academic -203,720
  25. I think it is what the founding fathers would have wanted. The fought a war so that rich white male landowners could have power instead of rich white male landowners.
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