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  1. Not my work, from a guy I follow on Twitter...... Good luck y'all and keep up the great thread!
  2. Back in 2012 Draghi said 'the euro is irreversible'..........the ECB is the market.......be careful betting against Central Bankers
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-06/paul-tudor-jones-says-inflation-about-to-appear-with-vengeance
  4. 50% of income tax goes on pensions, paying the national debt (caused by the old f@rts) and the NHS (too many sick old f@rts?) I pity the young.....
  5. Don't fear!? hahaha, I smell merde and diarrhoea in the streets as the sheeple soil themselves
  6. The barbarians are coming and I for one cannot wait (just posting to subscribe to thread again, have unwittingly unsubscribed.....)
  7. Probably the UK doesn't need any sort of reserve nowadays, it creates money ex nihilo 'out of nothing' Good read here, quote 'Janet Yellen has declared low inflation to be a mystery' https://northmantrader.com/2017/09/26/waving-white-flags/
  8. Meant to say 'signed into existence by Wilson', it was created by a few greedy b@stards
  9. I'll have a quick go The federal reserve is a private bank that was created in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson The debt slaves and the unborn of the US now owe a private bank in excess of $4 trillion......most of this was created as part of the bailout during the financial crisis of 2008..... They are feeling guilty about being so rich and robbing the dumb masses of so much money they have decided to become slightly less extremely rich and will liquidate some their wealth into the market place, the exact details of which are currently unknown.... The central banks ARE the market now
  10. Dominoes are falling, good.....the workers should hang the overpaid CEOs and corrupt accountants on their way out the door........of course they won't and the feckers will be laughing all the way to their fat bank accounts
  11. @durhamborn, love reading your posts! In fact next time I return to Durham to visit my mum can I come on one of your shopping experiences? If you're bored tonight you could pop along to the Ramside and take a few pictures for us at the auctions http://www.auctionhouse.co.uk/northeast
  12. hand = hang the fecking landlords, still can't edit, I need to post some more drivel to get there apparently
  13. Marie didn't say 'let them eat cake', it was 'let them eat brioche' which is a posh bread...... She stupidly thought it was a supply problem but the peasants couldn't even afford normal bread never mind the posh stuff Anyway I agree, the peasants should revolt......it was that fecker Billy le conqueror who stole all the land off the serfs and gave it to his rich mates Wasn't that the same time land tax was abolished? Anyway the children should revolt and hand the fecking landlords from the nearest trees and lamp posts.....but they won't cos sadly they're too brainwashed and prob
  14. Interesting, how are the 5.5%, 145% and 75% values derived? TIA
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