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  1. ...plastered across the front page. No link yet...but one should be available shortly. It looks like we've reverted back 2 years on this form. Second (more permanent) leg down looks to be forthcoming. Thursday could be interesting.
  2. IT Sales - Midlands (East and West). Been working for the same company for some time and they are feeling the pinch. New contracts are few and far between to be won. All we are seeing are prices being trimmed down in an extremely competitive market place by clients desperate to save money. Specifically, public sector clients are cutting dis-proporionately more in areas such as service contracts, which are soft targets. Cutting staff is harder to do for them. Still. Had an interview today and one a couple of weeks ago. However, the problem in Sales is that you have to bring in the numbers, and in a market place where IT is a soft target for SME's / public sector and some corporates, that is easier said than done. A number of ex-colleagues have become "job-hoppers" for the above reason. 6 months here, 12 months there and moving on because they aren't doing the numbers. Seriously thinking of a career change..but have no idea what to go for. Any ideas?!
  3. Will I be right this week? Maybe not within the week, but within 6 months? Let's see if bankrupt Greece can roll over their debts in May, or if they call in the IMF. Whatever happens, their continued participtation in the Euro has to be called into question.
  4. IT Services Sales (boo hisss, as bad as an EA etc etc etc ) But the wage freeze has been across the board (techies, finance, commercial, sales, support staff etc)
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/west_ham_utd/8505540.stm I'm going to be lumbered with a nominal wage freeze (a real wage cut) for a second consecutive year as well. Someone please explain how we end up anywhere else other than a long, slow, painful, delfationary depression?
  6. It's all pure guess work isn't it. This board never changes - "black" day calls every other day, and every other thread is an interestataripoff copy and paste job from the Independent. Booooooorrring...
  7. Is this the luxury car stereo loudspeaker place? Made me laugh on the news when I was down there yesterday when they said "the Assembly were looking into the proposals, given that the company had not made them aware that closure was likely". WTF! Since when does a company have to ask a legislative body permission to close down a plant!
  8. From experience of working with the IT Departments of a number of firms, very few are undertaking significant projects. Most are just "ticking over" until they percieve things to be picking up. Was on the phone to a IT Director of a major firm today - she was looking to save money.
  9. Funnily enough: had a chat with a mate last night about his mortgage / house. He bought last March (against my advice) and he is already looking at what happens when he needs to re-mortgage next spring. He is already in NE and is talking about having to throw another 10k or so into the pot when he re-mortgages otherwise he will be crippled by the repayments. Recovery? Not on your nelly. A couple of small-ish interest rate increases will be enough to push many over the edge.
  10. I think this "might" be a ruddy recruitment consultant "hedging" his bets.
  11. Why not flood the main page with threads like this one, until they remove the ruddy thing.
  12. Birmingham is the epitomy of what happens when property is built for "investors" that have no plan or desire to live in the property that they have bought. Birmingham's "iconic" Rotunda development is populated largely by Students I believe. Imagine if you'd bought one of the "luxury" penthouses at the top for £stupid and you had a load of "Media Studies" students living two floors down. Gutted wouldn't be the word.
  13. Close...I've seen a job advertised, but don't want to go through the interminable pain of dealing with a recruitment consultant. I'm also more marketable if the company concerned doesn't have to pay a fee for me. (PS, a job add for my company would be hugely obvious :-) )
  14. Guys, I'm trying to identify this company. Any idea who they could be: "multi national finance business (market leading) with a large share in several key technology markets providing a range of services such as: asset management; implementation: technical consulting, project finance; and Information Technology support services"
  15. If you want to see a real scandal, go to Liverpool, count the number of perfectly habitable boarded up houses, and then google Liverpool City Council's involvement in the local property market. Criminal..
  16. Been common knowledge for a while this....the box room, holiday chalet type box flats in Birmingham City Centre aren't fit for social housing. Says it all really. Be a bit gutted if you'd paid 200k for a 2 bed box on Brindley Place or wherever, and they aren't even fit for someone on the DSS.
  17. Denninger did go for it in this latest vid....he even had a haircut and everything! He is melodramatic and over the top, but it is hard to argue with the numbers on the graphs. All man made exponential systems always collapse in on themselves. Can't really see how this is going to be any different. The only way out is to significantly increase wages. Inflation means nothing unless you can inflate wages.
  18. You are also making the mistake to assume that all $50Million came along in one go. They probably "got lucky" on a number of occasions on the way. Instead of stopping at $10/20/25/30 million, they kept taking chances and getting lucky. Luck does eventually run out for everyone...
  19. Just back from a long weekend road trip in Ireland (Waterford - Cork - Co. Kerry and back again). A couple of things struck me: Lack of police anywhere (and even better - lack of speed cameras). Public sector cuts? There did seem to be the lack of any sign of huge recession, but we mainly stuck to the tourist trail. One thing was apparent though: the number of country "new build" houses. They seem to have been thrown up everywhere. Additionally, a high number seemed to be empty. Ireland didn't seem on its knees, but it did seem to have an underlying malaise that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Co. Kerry was lovely though. :-)
  20. Completely agree. Predictions change, however, his underlying opinions (which form the basis of most of what he says) are based on the idea that it is currently impossible to make a fair valuation of alot of companies because of lying, manipulation and failure to market assets to fair market value. This opinion doesnt change, and appears to be pretty spot on to me. http://market-ticker.org/archives/689-Wher...ading-2009.html He did do a half year report on his predictions (on the above link) for 2009....however I can't find it.
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