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  1. To be fair - to wear such skimpy outfits on a public photoshoot you do really need the body AND the face!!! Go figure why only one girl has sponsorship on her briefs???????
  2. Thats a plan! It fact playing the same game as the bankers, if you think about it i.e. abusing the system But then that abuse is factored in i.e. High APR on credit cards allows for this I hazard a guess that a plan such as the above, over a reasonable time frame, could easily net you over 100K cash - plus whatever your education would otherwise have cost
  3. Excellent points and anyone thinking of leaving the UK should put some time into considering those points, not just your words, but the underlying points which is kind of individual to all of us, not a 'one size fits all' If you don't mind me asking, how old are you and do you reckon you have benefited from your time abroad aka Had some great experiences?
  4. All making perfect sense A couple of points I would add though, my OP is aimed more at younger people that are struggling or to be more precise are frustrated at the UK way of life and are disillusioned, especially when they feel little security in either rented BTL or are up to their necks in debt/workload because they have taken on a big mortgage for a cr*p property As most of us on HPC know the UK housing market has been massively manipulated over the last 10 years or so, therefore a real crash hasn’t happened and it looks like inflation will take down house prices over the course of time, but that will take time If you are 30 today, what maybe 40 years old before you can get a decent place to live? IMO life is too short As for “tail between the legs bit” – depends on attitude, for example a person that leaves the UK with a “F*ck you plebs – I’m off to the sun, cos I’m superior and enjoy your sad lives” will definitely look foolish upon returning A person that moves because their personal circumstances are leaving them discontent in the UK is a different matter They may return to the UK (as often happens) they may not? They may return a better person, they may not. In 10 years time they may return and can buy a decent home at a fair price? They may return and find that even the worst sh*thole in London is now over £1 million LOL!!!
  5. Living abroad wouldn't be a bad topic title - This thread was moved from the main forum to anecdotal I’m not too sure why???? - as moving abroad or staying in the UK has a lot to do with both Economics and House Prices (the main theme on this forum) Especially aimed at younger people, my OP started with youngsters in mind I knew when I joined HPC just about 7 years back and mostly they are in crap situations and one (not the only) reason is high f*ckin house prices LOL!!! If you can’t and probably may never have a decent home either through purchase or renting with a decent contract i.e. many countries have a stable rental sector unlike the UK – why not consider moving overseas, because the UK won’t be getting better anytime soon for many younger people In fact I would go further – younger people will have to pick up the tab for people of my generation – if it wasn’t for X-factor there would be real riots in the UK (not the shopping of a couple of months back)
  6. Friendly people in Yorkshire from my experience - not too sure about the longer term prospects in the North of England though It is not going to disappear, but investment in the future? Down South or overseas will be the trend i suspect
  7. I traveled a lot before before I left UK, but now I am permanently abroad - ChavUK seems even worse when I arrive back for a couple of weeks Don't know if its getting worse or if I am now more aware of it?
  8. As the joke goes "the grass is greener on the other side because it full of Sh*t" and it certainly isn't all green I will spend Xmas with a BBQ (or Braai as we call it here) on the beach and I WILL miss the cold and dark UK on Xmas day for example Stay objective = that is key And depending on your age, if you like many on this forum don't trust politicians 100% and they are now admitting that the UK has another 6 of cra*p coming its way, what do you think the real number is? 12 years, maybe forever? i.e. things will never go back to the good old days My OP is aimed at your people to objectively consider their future and for the same time and effort is there a better place for them to spend their time - from what is now an outside perspective, the UK seems on its way down big time and one of the biggest reasons like US, Spain, Ireland etc, is because of house prices LOL!!!
  9. Actually its not a secret, but rather hard to achieve! well done tho' BTW Cape Town/Western Cape has some of the best biking routes in the world and lots of bikers that take advantage of it - 30 degrees and leather doesn't go well together, but its worth it
  10. I couldn't put it better myself :-)
  11. Makes perfect sense, although would you agree that your lifestyle (meant with envy - not sarcasm) is not typical of the bulk of the UK population? My brother in law is Scottish BTW, from your neck of the woods Funnily enough most Blacks in South Africa are quite nice apart from the ones that want to shoot us - some things never change, no matter where in the World you live
  12. I hope I didn't imply it was a no brainer - far from it Its a big move, but I think the logic is quite simple Look at where you are now - look at the alternatives and like all things in life, its pro's and con's if the pro's outweigh the con's - then its worth some serious consideration back to my OP, I follow UK news because I have UK business Is the UK on a downward trend or is it just me?
  13. If I am honest I now make more of an attempt to see family and friends when I am back in theUK than I did when I lived there (likewise with phone calls)
  14. I had a big reason, small family which helps make the move and I’m only 10,000KM’s away from them or 12 hours or approx £1,000 (all factors) The reasons to move away from UK are many, complex and very individual One thing that has helped my change is paying approx one third of the price for my home in SA compared to the UK Its not the most important thing in life for sure, but IMO far too many people in UK are so badly affected by house prices, the knock on effect is ridiculous Even people I know that have made a fortune out of HPI are now getting f*cked over because their kids can’t leave home – ironic if you think about it?
  15. You too for sure – as long as you can put up with the cold and I love Scotland but being a ‘soft southerner’ I struggle with the cold, in fact thinking about Cape Town is about as far south as you can go before reaching the Antartic Gated communities etc, are a reality in some parts of SA for sure, but not where I live A bit like the part of Scotland where you live bears no relation to London, Manchester or Birmingham, even though it’s still in the UK You said you spent time overseas in the forces – a straight question - not trying to catch you out, but have you ever been to South Africa?
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