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  1. No matter what size of the room or the lie - its under offer.
  2. Force sellers to declare all outstanding mortgage(s), other secured debt and equity loans against the property as part of the asking price. Maybe that would help buyers to be a little more discerning ..
  3. Shit in the wetroom that's going to smell just lovley
  4. Got that matched at the uppper end 3 million pound reduction.... 7 bedroom house for sale £5,000,000 Theobalds Park Road, Enfield, EN2 9BW million's History date event 28 February 2011 * Price changed: from '£8,000,000' to '£5,000,000' 21 February 2011 * Initial entry found.
  5. Mine spent £23,414,496.56 in January alone - that's quite big What does your council spend a month?
  6. [Inside Job at Finchley Special event at the Phoenix cinema, East Finchley – Friday 18th February, 6.30pm http://www.debtgeneration.org Going underground already it would seem ..
  7. Quarter of a million pound twigs To live on the Archway road - 24x7 thundering traffic. Even twigs aren't that powerful
  8. First listed on Zoopla £429,950 on 24th Aug 2010 Asking price changes * £419,000 ↓2.5% Reduced on: 8th Sep 2010 * £399,950 ↓4.5% Reduced on: 12th Oct 2010 Property details page views Last 30 days: 117 | Since listed on Zoopla: 384 Last sale £250,000 on 20th Jan 2003 Long way to go yet
  9. What a mess we are in Council flat quadruples in 10 years Listing history First listed on Zoopla £327,500 on 9th Nov 2010 Property details page views Last 30 days: 26 | Since listed on Zoopla: 51 Last sale £72,000 on 15th Jan 1999
  10. 'Premium Listing Prefab on bricks With a generous price discount of £4 shiney pounds 22 November 2010 * Price changed: from '£239,999' to '£239,995' 28 October 2010 * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Premium Listing'
  11. "House" for sale Just when you thought it coudn't get any worse, a 10x10 converted hut for a 100 grand re-post, sorry
  12. Thanks for the responses and here's an update. After arguing that no changes/improvements have been forthcoming to the property and pointing out that they would not achieve the proposed increase if they went back to market without improvements they have agreed not to impose the increase.
  13. Agent is citing "increase in rental market value" as the justification when I asked. But 10%? most I could find cited was 2.8 from the CML. Anyone else expereinced this as a reason for crazy hikes at the moment?
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