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  1. "worked". http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2000/feb/03/kevinmaguire
  2. Ah, but as a recent homeowner even I can see that you're not taking into account the interest. Assume parity between rent and mortgage, and at the end of the day you take home 10K in bank interest or equity worth (VERY roughly 200,000/25 = 8K) Edit: 16,000 OVER TWO years. Of course, assuming you cash out at the end, you have to allow for a 20% drop in the market, which gives you 12,800. Add on selling fees, and you're probably about quits with a 5% two year bond.
  3. It's not 'forced'. You're perfectly free to move to a country where they don't have state-funded healthcare, and the government won't lift a finger to stop you.
  4. No, we have to support the current pot of state pensions out of it, as well. Not that most of us will be in a position to claim when WE retire, of course.
  5. And who was responsible for first implementing that? Step forward the new Shadow Business Secretary!
  6. That Simon Schama, eh? What does he know about the Civil War? He'd have been about -400 at the time. Oh, I don't know - something to do with a disillusioned and unenfranchised electorate? People being signed off on the long term sick when their workplaces were closed down? Posturing to defend a bunch of penguins by killing Argentinians? Giving people short term greed by paying dividends with the deregulation of Building Societies? Concentrating on supporting the wealth in the Southern heartlands and writing off the North? A general social malaise that held that independent greed was a good thing and that a rising tide lifted all ships? The general unelectability of Kinnock due to his refusal to compromise on the Unions? The major newspaper barons all having vested interests in maintaining a low tax Tory regime? Are you acknowledging that Labour being in for 12 years is testament that this country's been brilliant for over a decade? Oh, and if age is a determiner of electoral superiority. Cameron (42) Gordon Brown (57) Poor Menzies Campbell (67) Although one of my political heroes is W.E. Gladstone (ret.83), so you might be onto something.
  7. Almost as soon as they got in no 10, Labour gave the BoE independence, and some would argue Gordon's been dining out on that for about ten years, so any movements post election - in theory - aren't anything to do with Labour's fiscal policies.
  8. http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2008/criticalcondition/index.html
  9. Yeah, all that money spent on vaginas and things - when am I going to see a penny of that back?
  10. For completeness' sake: Feb 95: 6.75 Dec 95: 6.5 Jan 96: 6.25 Mar 96: 6.0 Jun 96: 5.75 Oct 96: 6.0 May 97: 6.25
  11. Ah, yes, the halcyon, peaceful, altruistic and above all prudent days of the 1980's. No greed or financial exploitation there at all, ho no.
  12. Nope. "That Other Place" is a different country, politically. It'd be like a Senator attending Congress in the US. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/blog/20...on-constitution
  13. Can't do it face to face; Mandelson can only speak in the Lords and Clarke in the commons. If the Tories wanted THAT, they should have appointed Lord Ashcroft.
  14. Good old down to earth man of the people Ken Clarke. An Advisor to a Hedge Fund company with a Cambridge Law Degree: http://uk.reuters.com/article/hedgeFundsNe...A13935520070601 Who set up the NHS trust 'internal market' concept in order to get Trusts to compete against each other. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2701899.stm Still, he likes Jazz, so that's all right, then.
  15. To be fair, some of the younger Tories are idiots, too. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/polit...nt-1297572.html
  16. Except a joined up government would be able to work out the difference between the 'can't pay's and the 'won't pay's, and that supporting an individual who has their house taken from them after a financial 'blip' would be more costly. Ipso facto, they'd have more liabilities than a bank in a similar situation, so would actually be less likely to repossess, although as Injin said, they'll probably take it out of your pay packet directly; like National Insurance
  17. ******** do they. They're about as politically aware as Jade Goody, and I can't see them queuing outside a local village hall to put their name to anything. I've yet to see anything even anecdotal that says young unemployed people with ASBOS are likely to vote in their local elections. In fact, contrary to your viewpoint, the little sh1ts that I've known have generally tended to vote Tory "Cause they let you keep more of your money, yeah?" despite the fact that they generally still live with their parents - who've kindly supported them in their purchase of a modded '06 Saxo in metallic purple.
  18. However, there are large docks at Holyhead who are one of the preferred suppliers to the British Navy (Along with Babcock Marine in Rosyth), so it's not all bad news. Maybe one of the patrol boats will get torpedoed trying to stop Hamas smugglers, and be dragged back for repairs. Fingers crossed, eh?
  19. 10.8. I call 3:30 as the 10.00 mark, unless it gets nationalised before then. Edit: And that's why I don't play the markets, leddyzangenz.
  20. I don't see how it can be, as councils are monopoly service providers. "If you care about your bins, you'll put them in the hands of Lewisham Council." Unless you mean things like "Pay your council tax or we'll kick you out." Which to me seems like common sense.
  21. 11.8 and dropping like Jodie Marsh's knickers.
  22. Anyone taking a bet on when it breaks the 10.00 barrier?
  23. The Co-op admit to being screwed because their depositors (often businesses suffering from customers tightening their own belts) are withdrawing their assets. As they don't play the global financial market, but only invest deposits, they're finding their own liquidity stretched through no direct fault of their own. Ironically, its the prudent banks, like prudent savers, who are going to gain the least from this taxpayer exposure.
  24. COMPETENT PEOPLE! *slaps forehead* *writes letter to RBS HR* "Dear HR Department. Next time, in your job specification for Managing Director, please include "MUST BE COMPETENT."" I bet they're kicking themselves for not thinking of that before hand.
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