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  1. OR they could pay murderers to kill the police before they retire. Have to make sure they REALLY kill them, though; if they just hospitalise them they'll be paying for YEARS under the DLA. That'd also mean that less people join the police, so we'd save TONS on the payroll.
  2. There's only one place to go for the wittiest, most salient view of the British public's intelligence and compassion. www.ifyoulikeitsomuchwhydontyougolivethere.com
  3. Er, no he didn't. Or if he did, I missed that bit. He DID say, however, that Britain was uniquely prepared against the storm because of its low public debt rates against GDP, and was much more likely to survive - like the US - than fail - like Iceland. Quite nice to hear someone without a VI talking about it for a change. Can you imagine any other job where the application process is basically pointing out how sh1t everything the current position holder does is, regardless of actual merit? "Why did the gentleman use an Access database to collate that information, when thousands of pounds* could have been saved by using an Excel workbook!" Jeers, etc. . . That said, he also said we were cornholed for the next fifteen months, so it's not a glowing report. GB said that Northern Rock had already brought in 15 billion since nationalisation in the last year. This certainly sits with the Congdon argument that the Government has actually bought in some pretty valuable assets. Is he just whistling out of his brown eye, or might he actually have a point? *probably not.
  4. As I said in my own post, which has slipped off the first page like that priest in the beginning of The Mission going over the waterfall. "At least it keeps him out of the pub." Eh? Eh?
  5. I remember when Kilroy went to live with a Pikey couple. As far as I could tell, the worst thing he could find them doing was stripping scrapped cars on their own land for parts - which, admittedly, is against the law for reasons of pollution. That said, I'm sure they're still up on the carbon credits.
  6. You go for it - KG! Although you might not find accomodation to your discerning tastes: http://www.statutelaw.gov.uk/content.aspx?...xtDocId=1635402
  7. We ALL work for the Jews! www.jewwatch.com/jew-references-protocols-folder.html They murdered Our Lord, betrayed us at Alsace-Lorraine and drink the blood of children at Pentecost! - - - - Okay, I'm done.
  8. In most cases the Travellers actually own the land anyway. Except Carnies. They're not fussy and will park anywhere.
  9. It's funny how the people who tend to object to the Traveller's way of life are usually those calling for the abolition of the welfare State. It's almost as if they're jealous of people who actually had the guts to do what they're proposing - or else that they can see the level of subsistence that one who chooses to step out of the system has to put up with, and don't like the consequences of that for their laissez-faire politics.
  10. Reliant on the state = Not helping your neighbours. So conversely. . . Independent of the state = local philanthropist. Doesn't it strike you that the REASON people like Barnardo, Wedgwood, Clarks et al NEEDED to be philanthropic was because there was no established state support for the poor and for orphans. Putting social in the hands of the caprices of the wealthy makes life support a matter of luck and whimsy rather than long term state planning. I'm sure Roman Abramovitch's community work has seen a downturn since his wealth was cut by 25%.
  11. There goes your right to vote. . . http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1607572
  12. So they'd just get short term employment at election time in order to cast their vote for the party which would enable them to live on benefits for the next five years before leaving their job immediately afterwards? I like the idea of banning upper rate taxpayers from voting, however, they can influence political parties by funding them instead. The trouble is differentiating the "can't work" from the "won't work". When we get stories of job centres wanting to interview people who are claiming incap the nation throws up its collectives abou the poor people who have to fill in forms.
  13. In terms of influencing a nation government - about 10%; the people who live in these places. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marginal_cons..._United_Kingdom If you live in Richmond and don't like William Hague, for example, you might just as well wipe your **** with your voting slip. (A random choice, there may be safer seats about) General Election 2005: Richmond (Yorks) Conservative William Hague 26,722 Labour Neil Foster 8,915 Liberal Democrat Jacquie Bell 7,982 Green Leslie Rowe 1,581 Majority 17,807 39.4
  14. Hang on, are you saying that representative democracy DOESN'T reflect the will of the people? Why didn't people point this out in the 80's and 90's? What are you proposing as an alternative? A plutocracy where you have to earn a certain amount in order to vote? Sorry, Bing, but you're the frothing minority here, and your kind only has power on message boards and local newspapers. Mmm! *Rolls naked on a bed of tax credits*
  15. The Isle of Man has its own flag for shipping, which surprised me when I found out. Presumably this is for tax purposes, as the amount of vessels registered in Douglas couldn't physically fit around teh IOM coastline.
  16. Does the VAT and Stamp Duty cut count? After all, they're gambles predicated on a recovering economy.
  17. Not following your logic, there. You'd still need to get valuations on your properties, no matter who ran the system. Besides, with your model over 25 years that's £28,000 you've paid in interest.
  18. But then the government would be competing with the (albeit few) Building Societies in the UK; not to mention HSBC and Barclays - and then there's the foreigners; Santander, Bank of Ireland . . . EU Anti-competitive law, anyone? Incidentally, I'm all for it. Get councils to invest their money in this country as opposed to Icelandic hedge funds. Do some bloody research and work for a change.
  19. What were the panel's travel costs in getting to the studio, and will they be claiming them back on expenses?
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