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  1. Yes. Exactly the same people. Also Meera Syal, Omid Djalli and Ajay from Postman Pat.
  2. I think it's disgraceful that the BBC are letting people know that by going to dec.org.uk, by donating at their local Post Office, sending cheques to DEC Gaza Crisis, PO Box 999, London EC3A 3AA or by phoning the automated credit card line on 0370 60 60 900 that they can help children WHO'LL PROBABLY GROW UP TO VOTE HAMAS not die.
  3. I'm sure you're correct, but I fear that you're the minority. Maybe in concentrated conurbations the market will chase itself down. However, in my own case. . . Quick hop onto RM. In my postcode there are 4 Four Bedroom Detached houses - the lowest is £1000 rent. The cheapest Four Bedroom Detached is £200,000 So, that's £750 interest against £1000 rent - money paid just to stay where one is. People don't want to rent out anymore, because it makes it harder to sell - and BOY do they need to sell. If your landlord was around fifteen, twenty years ago, lives nearby, is friendly and takes pride in being a good landlord, then I'm sure you'll be fine. I just wouldn't like to be in the shoes of someone who's sat in the nest egg of someone who lives on the Costa Del Sol and wants to get their money out of a depreciating asset and the UK as soon as possible.
  4. Well done, you. Of course, unless you're renting till you die you will EVENTUALLY have to pay mortgage fees &c at some stage. We were quoted about £200 by British Gas to sort our boiler out. However, the husband of a friend of the wife is a Corgi Registered Gas engineer. He did it for £20 and a bottle of Ernest and Julio. I take your point about repairs, but I find contents and buildings insurance tends to cover most eventualities, anyway. Which reminds me, I need to inform the co-op about our planned garage conversion and block driveway.
  5. I'm not going to get into an argument with someone who can't be bothered to read properly. Suffice it to say, though, in the long term, if inflation beats interest rates, I'm quids in; if interest rates beat inflation, you're quids in.
  6. At what point does a collection of men with guns, or men who control men with guns, cease to become less moral than a State, or even become a State itself? Two, Three? Five? One hundred? 60 million?
  7. http://www.constitution.org/eng/conpur043.htm Snort: plus ca change.
  8. Not this guy Coining it in. Not sure about Bjork, though.
  9. So basically your saying that you want YOURSELF to have arms, but not anyone else? Your Free Market Liberalism fails. In that narrative, people were free to have guns, and people used those guns to enforce compliance within the state. All hail the free market.
  10. Nope - £750 is the Interest part - £666 is the capital. Interestingly enough, my repayment mortgage on £175K is £473; although I'm not kidding myself that the 1.5% interest rate's going to last forever.
  11. Free markets always lead to states. A man cannot sell freely, or live, unless his goods and life are protected. He cannot buy freely unless he is sure that which he buys is genuine, and that there is sufficient deterrent for others not to cheat him. A man who is physically weak will trade his coin for someone to protect his body. A man who is mentally weak will trade his coin for one to manage his financial affairs. When a man has more goods or land than he can sell, then he will increase his stock. He will take on others to buy and sell, and those individuals will need protection and financial support. When a man has many individuals who are good workers, he will want to keep them healthy. He will bring in physicians to maintain their wellbeing. His workers will have children. The man realises that rather than bringing in soldiers, accountants, physicians, manufacturers and traders, he can train the children to fulfil this role. The older workers' eyesight fails them. Some accidents befall some of the traders and they can no longer fulfil their duties. Other workers look to the man. What incentive have they to work for him if they, too will be left when they are old or injured? The man makes a pledge - work for him and he will provide in age and sickness. As those the man has appointed to run certain sections of his trade make decisions, so some individuals find they are untrained for new developments and cannot work. Again, the fear is in the workers, but the man makes another pledge - those without work, who retrain or cast themselves in another mould, will not be left to die, but will be given enough coin to survive. The man, who has traded freely, looks at what he has wrought. He is the Head of a State.
  12. At 4.5%, you'd be paying £750 interest on a 200K house. If we assume that to rent the same property costs £800 (as rents generally have to cover mortgages, or the landlord has to default) That leaves roughly £666 per month for compulsory asset purchase. Now, if you take the Nationwide view, and ignoring the threat of depreciation, that £666 is depreciating by 18.5% per year. Let's say that's rubbish, and we know it's 24%. That means a 2% drop every month. So, every month, a mortgage holder is worse off by £13. If you ask me, that's a fair price to pay for security of tenure.
  13. That's not entirely fair - Say what you like about the Regional Development Organisations, but they did help to revitalise Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds et al. Bit of a shame that most of that wealth has now been shunted into Buy To Let, though - ah. well, easy come, easy go.
  14. Only in the exchange rate between renters and sellers; against fellow renters you're still shelling out. Maybe there should be a different currency for those who rent and those who buy, to avoid confusion. Although generally the renters have the 'ingot', I suppose. Course, you can't buy a sandwich with that, unless you carry a lump around with you and a 'gold grater'. More trouble than it's worth in the end. . .
  15. Should get some interesting AdWords for this topic, if nothing else.
  16. Ooh, an opening. Found out yesterday about a family with seven kids; friends of the wife's. There were no properties big enough for them in the area so SHE FOUND THE LAND AND GOT THEM TO PURPOSE-BUILD A BRAND NEW HOUSE Seriously, a six bed detached house in a non Local Authority area with Housing Benefit paying the rent, Council Tax paid for by the state, inherited rights for the kids and right to buy - as it's council rather than housing association. Kitchen the size of our entire downstairs, Oh, and he's signed off work with "Depression." You couldn't make it up! Still, in all other things they haven't had it easy - one child's excluded, one's been arrested, and the kids all approached the mother the other week and told her they needed to kick the dad out as he's no good for them.
  17. What did you do, dictate this to some robins on a hilltop who flew into someone's room and pecked out the message? Or did you hack the internet with your own purity and smugness?
  18. Don't thank me, you could waste your life on that - well, that bit that isn't wasted here, and run the risk of exploding with one's one sense of self-satisfaction and ethical purity.
  19. Plus, if you're buying weapons off someone; you're buying them off someone with weapons. They'll only keep you alive as long as you're useful, and will make you their drug addicted sex monkey.
  20. But Jenna and Belladonna do it, pretty enthusiastically, and I've never seen so much as a spot of blood. That's SCIENCE.
  21. It's a good job that there's no possible way for a woman to bleed from her vagina, then. In other news if you want bum sex, go to South Africa! 1 in 5 are up for it, apparently. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&am...84109386C950315
  22. Quite right. After imbibing a couple of snifters of the finest Pinot Grigot, I turned to my guest, the current Earl of Salisbury, and stated: "Now we've got all these unemployed workmen, maybe we could start building our own Nazi death camps and get rid of some of the old people that are clogging up the health and social system. After all, Old People are the UK's biggest growth industry at the moment. We could throw a couple of Jews in, too, just for old time's sake."
  23. Pah! Ask her about her Super. Means tested, compulsory employer contributions. . . http://www.livingin-australia.com/superann...-australia.html
  24. Because miners die earlier? Is it actually making a profit, or is it just a huge pot?
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