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  1. A man walks up to a woman at a nightclub and says; "If I gave you a million pounds would you sleep with me?" She thinks about this for a while and says, "Well, I wouldnt rule it out." The man grins, slaps a fiver down on the bar and says, "If I give you a fiver, will you sleep with me?" The woman throws her drink in his face and splutters; "How dare you! What kind of woman do you think I am?" The man wipes his face and says "I thought we'd established that; now we're just haggling over the price." You either believe that the elected representatives that constitute the legislative body of the state has the right to devise and determine laws for the good of the entire country, not just gold traders and double glazing salesmen, and over a long term, not just the twenty years before you retire, or you don't; all else is sophistry and hypocrisy.
  2. Do you really not see the inherent tautology in your argument? I am selling a pair of underpants, and two men are interested. One is idly considering a spare pair, the other has violently soiled the pair he has. They are the only underpants around. The idle considerer would probably set a ceiling price of about £5, whereas Mr Soiled Pants would probably sell his kidney for a clean pair of underwear, and part with £50 if that was what I was charging. In fact, what compels me to charge the same price to everyone? A sucker could pay £50 for an item, whereas a canny negotiator who knows his product could talk me down to £30; even in B2B. I am the only underwear dispenser in town. Which is the 'true' market price of my pants?
  3. +1 Plus, is it a free market if one man commands the only clean water supply, and charges another man a full day's labour for a drink not because he feels it's equivalent exchange*, but because he knows that the man has no choice? Of course, in this utopia, no-one resorts to violence, threats or deception. *something for the Full Metal Alchemist fans, there.
  4. The Unionist Tories are a better choice than the party who introduced devolution and the Scottish Parliament? An interesting take, I suppose.
  5. And that well-known bastion of Communism, Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail?
  6. On our Ownhome scheme, the loan is secured on a share of the property's value, which you pay off in 5% chunks with a revaluation. 0% interest for 5 years, 1.75% for the next 5, 3.75% for the remaining 15. At the end, if we don't pay anything off, we end up paying 46K interest over 20 years - an average of £2,250 per year assuming constant house prices. Of course, if house prices double over the next twenty years we're paying a lot more - but it's all money gained through HPI, so not "real" money. However, because we've got a bit tucked away, we have every intention of waiting for the bottom of the market in two years' time and recalibrating our loan. A 25% drop from now would mean that our 80,000 loan becomes a 60,000 loan, so we can pay off a two year interest free loan of 8K with 6K (Plus circa £200 valuation costs). Which is nice.
  7. "Mankind cannot gain anything without giving up something in return." A lesson for us all.
  8. What about taking a country of dirt and trees and creating cities? Doesn't it mean that the cities belong to those who wrought infrastructure from it? And what if those individuals chose to form groups which they call "States", and that they had the right to determine the rules of those who lived on it, no matter if they came to the land by boat or through birth?
  9. So, according to you, preventing theft and exploitation are legitimate reasons for using force? If lots of armed individuals agreed with you, you might decide "Hey, if we all agree the same thing, let's look out for each other. I'll use my gun to chase people off your farm, if you use yours to keep paedophiles away from my daughter." Eventually, actually farming and daughter protecting might become too tricky to do on one's own AND maintain a watch. In exchange for some corn, someone who doesn't farm could wander around with a gun looking for troublemakers? Isn't that what British Statute Law currently does?
  10. It's a balancing act - do you tell kids how things ARE, and make them feel better about their place in it; the strength to change what they can and the grace to accept what they can't. . .? Or do you show them how things SHOULD be, and push them to reach those heights, only telling them afterwards that it doesn't matter that they didn't hit the moon, because they surpassed the stars? I seriously don't know; but I have a gut reaction against lying to my kids.
  11. You forgot 5. The American Israelis go back to a country that provides them no threat, the US stops subsidising an unsustainable immigrant culture, and Palestine goes back to being a place for the native Arabs and Jews who got along fairly happily until Ben Gurion. Not that I agree with it, but you did put in an Endschlossung, so I think it at least deserves an airing.
  12. How do you define control? Does preventing the taking of food grown on land you farmed count? Does prohibiting the movements of individuals on land count? Does removing an individual who sits within the four walls you have assembled for your home count? Does preventing an individual from exploiting the mentally deficient count?
  13. No, it's to show that no matter how hard they try Biff and Wilma (Oh, yes, I know that book) aren't guaranteed to win. Would you rather they showed Kipper winning the X Factor, Floppy running away with the Crufts trophy or Chip winning the lottery? What would that give your kids? Hope that they might get lucky? Or expectations that if they don't come first then they're a failure? Kids are tired of being shown unattainable goals which they have no control over. My eldest is constantly lording it over my youngest, aggrandising herself by putting him down, and I'm sure to nip it in the bud; it's not productive and hang it, it's not nice. Personal development plans and parental involvement are the way forward; there'll be plenty of time to compete with their peers in an adverserial manner when they leave school. Besides, Floppy and the Alien's better - he saves them from fireballs.
  14. The above poster is misleading because it's - well - a poster. Po always had a white face and, being short and played by Pui Fan Lee (Now a presenter on CBeebies), and Dipsy definitely had a brown face. We had this conversation at Uni when they first came out about positive role models, and I argued that wearing a pimp hat and busting dance moves was not conducive to breaking down stereotypes. But, as Patrick Marber's producer character said on Knowing Me Knowing You when asked to fix a photocopier; "I don't do that sh1t anymore." My kids have moved onto CBBC, thank god! Although they'll still pop back for Charlie and Lola.
  15. Most of whom were killed by their own side, because that's what happens when you send unskilled reservists into a combat zone. Imagine trying to fight in the Hellmand Province with only the TA?
  16. You do know that there are two Palestinian states, right? The West Bank is run by Fatah, who are happy to deal with the US and get the money (although they don't like Israel), whereas Gaza is run by Hamas, who aren't happy with the US, and don't get any money (and REALLY don't like Israel). Of course, none of this has any bearing on whether a child has a right to live or not.
  17. Where do you get that per capita thing from? I know it's $418 per person for Israel ($3 bn / 7.1 million) To match that, the 1 million people of Gaza would need to get an annual grant of $418 million (obnov). I suppose it's possible, but bearing in mind they can't actually LIVE behind the wall without foreign aid; stupid things like food and clean water, I don't think that's too bad.. I know when I've watched TV I've only ever seen journalists, presenters and actors - IT'S A DISGRACE! Oh, and occasionally people being interviewed about news stories - people of all colours. I saw Karen Matthews on the TV, does she count? Not entirely sure what you're proposing; do you want more people with regional accents? Or should they just grab someone pasty looking off the street and thrust them in front of a camera with no media training?
  18. They did. Ironically, most people just go "Oh, one of those; how depressing." and turn off. Thanks to the oxygen of publicity, more people are suddenly realising that these things happen.
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