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  1. I'm not going to contradict you about me spouting nonsense, but on this occasion it's GOVERNMENT nonsense I'm regurgitating; if you follow the link you'll see that as of September 08 these were the jobs identified by the government as skills shortages. Of course, September 08 could be the 18th century bearing in mind how much things have changed since then. Actually, the link doesn't seem to work. Curious. I promise you it was there, though, i didn't just make that list up.
  2. Well, 24,000 of the people of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath did, so that's not strictly true. Does that mean you're a Lib Dem? After all, the Conservatives benefited from the same first past the post system.
  3. Anyone who wants to retrain as the following, get stuck in! Otherwise they're all going to Johnny Foreigner (As at Sep 08) http://ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/sitecontent/...thus/mac/uklist
  4. But what impact will the recession have on HOT BBW CHICKS? That's what I want to know *Waits expectantly*
  5. No. That was an easy one. Now, if his rabbits were infected with myxamatosis, and ran the risk of killing other rabbits and livestock, then I WOULD think that, if negotiations didn't work, I would have a moral imperative to take the rabbits from him to put them to sleep, using whatever force was necessary, thus meaning that the rabbits of myself and others were more likely to survive. Ah, moral relativism. If we are getting into the realm of individuals being able to mete out their own justice for perceived misdoings as opposed to objective statute law, would you side with the Judge and Jury of the Red Lion who sentenced you to a broken nose for the crime of "Looking at me funny"?
  6. Regardless of which way you spin it; it's basically a case of "it's my ball, and if you don't play my way, I'm going home." Which is what the Barclay brothers did in Sark, and what Martin Sorrell did for WPP. If something is important enough that the country would grind to a halt without it, that should be reflected in the salary. After all, laissez-faire'ists are always saying that 'the market' should determine costs. Unions are simply the market getting together and agreeing their costs for their product - their labour. If companies don't want their labour, then they don't have to pay for it, of course. It's just that instead of one individual being penalised or rewarded at a time, which a company could do without, they pull the rug out from under their employer. It's the same technique as Banks and Energy suppliers use when they set prices according to 'market conditions' Pure Ron Paul.
  7. So what these anecdotes seem to say is that healthcare is dependent on the goodwill of the individual doctor who might "bung you a freebie." That's like saying it doesn't matter if Tesco charge £20 for an apple, as long as they give the odd one to the odd starving urchin lurking round the back. You can't legislate on the presumed capricious charity and philanthropy of a business.
  8. EVERYWHERE was a shithole before White Men stepped foot in Africa - except for about five hundred rich people and the King.
  9. Ah, but its well known that British Oil Workers are all as gay as a window, which REALLY confuses us volunteers of the PC brigade. (To the tune of Trumpton) Jew Jew Muslim Hindu Women Disabled and Gays With thanks to the Now Show for that one.
  10. Generally only those who choose to turn their fear of a changing world into hatred against those who think and believe differently from them. You misunderstand me - It's not that I don't care about people in the UK; it's that I don't elevate them above individuals from other countries in forcible distress. Not that it's any of your business, but I do give to charities and do voluntary work with the homeless and local youths - not because they're more deserving, but because I can reach them; the weekly commute to Gaza or Mumbai would kill me. Congratulations, you're old.
  11. So, wider EU - no. Scotland - no. And yet for some as yet unfathomable reason, we're expected to feel empathy towards people just because they live below Hadrian's Wall* and above the English Channel. Jersey, however, we're not sure about - the whole closing of Woolworths thing kind of muddied the waters. Just so as I know the party line - how do we feel about those west of Offa's Dyke? *Yes, I know; it was poetic license.
  12. So basically your argument comes down to prima facie causality? At what age does an individual take responsibility for their own actions - as obviously a non-statist like yourself would abhor the "age of majority?" 2? 4? 8? 12? 18?
  13. 'Fraid not. Although he was disappointed at not getting to meet Olivia Newton John, so you can take some comfort in that. http://www.jeffreyarchers.blogspot.com/
  14. Not sure about the tone; Herbert Morrison was hardly 'landed gentry'; he was the son of a copper who left school with no qualifications and earned his peerage through services to politics. It's not like he's descended from the first Viscount of Folkestone or anything http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Mount
  15. And yet it seems 'acceptable' in some quarters to demonise second generation immigrants because their parents chose to come here.
  16. I've still to hear a convincing argument as to why I should care about people I've never met just because they speak the same language as me, live under the same tax regime, used to watch Grange Hill and blister in half-decent sunshine.
  17. Jumping from an airplane with a fully functional parachute over rocky land. You pull the string - you survive. You don't pull the string / you sing Oklahoma / you mentally compose a letter to Dennis Waterman / - you die. Ending up in water in the middle of nowhere. You swim or float - you survive (admittedly you may just be prolonging the inevitable) You don't swim - you drown. In this event, the inexorable pull of gravity and the ultimate innate inbouyancy of a human body in water may be said to replace the centuries of history that have contrived to create the system we have. You can, of course, flap your arms and TRY to work against gravity, or inhale water and try to breathe it, but what you'll have is the same CONSEQUENCE of differing actions, which is the important thing.
  18. Not without the consent of the Cosa Nostra - a fine example of what happens when the State is insufficient to meet its citizens' needs. Still, it's good enough for Hamas. .
  19. But History is only written by the winners. By the same token Michael Carroll won the lottery, so we should all have a crack. Alexandra Burke won X Factor so we're all equally as likely to succeed. For every Branson there are a thousand failed bankrupts. Does this mean we shouldn't try? Of course not. But we shouldn't delude ourselves that we have 100% control over our destiny, either. Crossing the road bears some risk, but we do it. Should we bear responsibility when the drunk car thief comes speeding round the corner and paralyses us from the neck down?
  20. My dad was at Stowe with Branson. Remembers him as a quiet boy with long hair who left with few qualifications to start a second hand record shop. Of course, Stowe is a private boarding school, so he was hardly on his uppers.
  21. So, to clarify, in your mini-state's remit there'd be no education, health, fire protection, state care for the elderly, child protection, help for the disabled, - all these things would go out to private sector tender, and be dependent on the individual taking financial responsibility for themselves and their children, or being dependent on privately solicited philanthropy, yes?
  22. Indeed. In fact, most of the people who call for the eradication of the state are dependent on it for their continued income. Although they may have Bupa up the swannee, and Harrow or Eton all over their CV, it's highly unlikely that all of their employees do, and unless they sell Patek Phillipe watches, nearly impossible that all of their customers do. "Put money back in the hands of people, and let them make their own choices," comes the rallying cry. Well, we've seen what happens then, and it usually has an average APR of 35%. Fools and their money are soon parted. Think of the State like a Christmas Savings scheme for the terminally stupid and profligate.
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