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  1. My 10K in NS&I is 2.4%! Tax free because there's nothing to bloody well tax. I'm seriously considering hoiking the whole lot out and using it on home improvements. Should I hang in for the long term, or start making money work for me? In fact, that seems to be the problem with this country; people want fixed term results for doing nothing more than giving their money to a bank to hold. If we want to make decent returns, cut out the middle man, do some homework and start investing in businesses. Zopa would have been great, but last I checked it was all about people 'consolidating loans' and not providing any evidence of return on investment - except a couple who wanted to go to university.
  2. I read this story in the Mail on Sunday. They INHERITED the property - which was valued at 2 million in 2007. They've received an offer of 700,000 plus acceptance of liability, but have refused to take it. It's not their house, it's a BONUS house, and the reason it was bought so cheap in the first place (7,000 in 1970) was BECAUSE of chancel liability. Couple of chancers, if you ask me.
  3. To read some comments, you'd think the headline was: "75% of Pakistan linked to UK terror plots."
  4. GOOD public sector borrowing is used to support the education and health of its workers and their dependents. I'm reserving judgment over whether this last round of investment counts.
  5. 12 months' grace and up to 3% bonuses - pay rises tba. Commercial colleague unlikely to be as lucky.
  6. Close; I'm a sushi chef and part-time amateur pornographer
  7. I thought there was no such thing as society? Big business with deep pockets undercuts local traders forcing them to close down. Big business forces suppliers to sell and, as they have cut out all competition, pay penurial costs. Who benefits? Big business shareholders. Big business director does enough to justify his own pay packet, sells shares and resigns before the poo hits the fan. Big business collapses.
  8. Whereas my grandchildren would rather live in a world which invested sensibly in stimulating responsible growth rather than a group of paranoid rich men battening down the hatches with their precious shiny metals and pretending it's not happening.
  9. Politics at the moment seems to be between well-meaning incompetents or callous nepotists. On both sides of the floor.
  10. Look at these Gestapo/Stasi-like tactics! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7761559.stm It's a wonder the poor man survived! Guilt is for the courts to decide in February; not for MPs to decide. There is no public interest clause. After the Clive Ponting affair the government clamped down on with the 1989 Official Secrets Act, which if I recall correctly encompasses ALL government information, particulary if the leaker (whose name escapes me) had Developed Vetting Status. Tricky one. The difference - apart from lack of evidence - seems to be that in the case of Damian Green the individual was 'placed' in the civil service in order to extract information for political purposes. There's certainly no implication that GB did anything similar - he was just a recipient of leaks.
  11. Seditious Assembly Although it was part of the wider Criminal Justice Act *dusts off old Levellers albums*
  12. The difference between the Darkies here and the Darkies over there is that the ones over there lived under the crushing heel of Apartheid; where the very state - and not just various tabloids and fat men - told them they were inferior and desserved to have their existence subjugated for the comfort of their pastier betters. It's not surprising - although I'm not apologising for them - that when the cage is removed in the poorer areas, the prevalent response is to realise that as most options are denied them due to historical state-mandated poverty, the only option left is the gun. My wife left Port Elizabeth 20 years ago and went there about a month ago for a funeral. It wasn't entirely dystopian, but there were gated communities, women weren't allowed to walk on their own, and no-one walked anywhere.
  13. They didn't force their way in with riot gear. They asked to see inside an office. The onus is on the individual in charge of the property to request a warrant. If someone turned up at my work today asking to look at someone's desk, I MIGHT ask for a warrant, but generally that creates more hassle than it's worth. The Flying Squad are used to hare around London and the environs at great speeds to facilitate different Services working together. Under SOCA, they've been brought in under the umbrella of anti-terrorist squads, but are about as directly connected as the admin team. Speculation. If you think that, on his first day on the job, the Met Commissioner would be stupid enough to break the rules of the land to press a personal agenda and risk his expulsion and loss of pension, then you need to take a deep breath. The fact remains that Green is still under arrest, and will not see court until February. Until that happens, and the evidence is shown, we have to assume innocence. However, there is still the possibility that we are not being shown all the information pertinent to the case, and that there'll be some red faces come March.
  14. National Benefit Fraud Hotline 0800 854 440 https://secure.dwp.gov.uk/benefitfraud/
  15. Sorry, I really don't see the issue with this. 1. A complaint was made about a member of parliament. 2. A senior police officer made the decision to investigate. 3. The senior police officer determined that evidence would be better gained in the absence of the individual. 4. The House of Parliament is a place of work, not a place of residence. Damian Green's Office is as much his personal space as my desk at work. 5. The Serjeant at Arms granted the police access to a place of work. Apparently she was unaware that she had the right to demand a warrant. Regardless of the fact that in order to take such an action, it's highly likely that the preparation for a formal warrant would already have taken place, and bought the Serjeant no more than a day. For some reason this appears to be the Speaker's fault. 6. Based on evidence obtained, the police arrested Damian Green, and have bailed him until February. Now, people are acting as if the HoP gives some form of diplomatic immunity, as if the police have stormed into sovereign territory and abducted an individual protected by the crown. The only individual protected against the police force is HM herself; not the Prime Minister, not the Archbishop of Canterbury, and not an MP.
  16. Well, he actually tried to stop them buying land of the Indians for beads, because when the Indians went to trade with the French, or other colonists, they'd find that the beads were worthless and would enact summary justice - which was expensive to police.
  17. Well done your son. Of course, not everyone is so strong-willed, otherwise advertisers wouldn't waste money supporting commercial television, radio, newspapers, billboards and oh, what's that at the top of this site?
  18. See, this apple is much better than this one, because it's orange, soft, squishy, has a thick peel and breaks into segments. I could have saved rent AND mortgage by a> squatting b> serving time in prison c> living on the streets d> inveigling myself into a family by pretending I was a long-lost relative e> lving in a bivouac in the New Forest, feasting on berries and wild deer f> Romancing a rich widower None of these are equivalents (Or would have made the wife particularly happy)
  19. Just to clarify why we're doing this, apart from the lack of family rentals, the rent equivalent (interest payments) is about £200 per month. At that rate, we'd only need to lose £7,000 per year on the property - 3.5%, which is a distinct possibility - in order to equate with renting an equivalent property of £800. Which is a sobering thought, especially combined with the fact that we are committing ourselves to a single property - I've long been convinced that the only benefit of renting is mobility at the expense of security. However, half of the property is in the Ownhome scheme, so IF the property crashes by another 50% in the next three years, then so does the amount we need to pay back, and being non-means tested, we've already got cash in the bank to pay it off. So we're still bears, we're just bears who need a cave.
  20. YMMV, of course, but we're paying almost EXACTLY the same amount for the house we've just exchanged on as it sold for in 2004.
  21. But what about this amazing video? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=h37KQu64RY4
  22. On a similar "Elderly folk & Woolworths" theme, I was there at lunchtime* and heard this charming exchange between an old couple. - Shame its all going, isn't it. Been nice having these cheap toys for the grandkids. - I don't feel sorry for the Chinese, though. Not after what they did in the War. I'm assuming they weren't talking about the Boxer Rebellion. *Biggest viral marketing scam ever, btw - the most discounted thing was Christmas decorations @ 30% off; then kids toys and homeware @ 20% off, CDs and games @ 10% off.
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