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  1. Oh, please. People with 250K in the bank don't sit in a bedsit in front of a three bar fire wrapped in an old shawl eating beans from a can.
  2. Six months I was unemployed. I had two kids (2 and 4 at the time) and while the wife worked, I looked after them. They decided to give me a 2pm appointment (although reserved the right to change it at a minute's notice. I had to bring the kids with me, and bizarrely, two year olds and four year olds don't much like sitting in strange rooms whilst a woman checks that Daddy's looked through all the local papers for half an hour a week, and would get up and run around. They even asked me if I had someone I could leave them with on a regular basis. "If I had that, I'd be working, you stupid woman," I stopped myself from saying. "I'm keeping those favours for interviews." Near the end, they were threatening to stop me from bringing the kids, which would have effectively meant that I wouldn't have been able to sign on. Not that the jobs were much cop; All military service and telesales. When they did the better-off calculations, with childcare I needed to be earning 15K to survive, with a 9:00 to 5:30 workday in order to bring and pick up the kids. Suffice it to say, there wasn't much there that ticked my boxes. I think I'm still on the NHS bank, actually.
  3. Ultimately the market will decide, but you risk being undercut by someone who thinks that working on their house is part and parcel of living in it. Depends what you're thinking of doing, though. Repointing bricks, installing damp course, installing double glazing, rebuilding a wall = justifiable negotiating tools, and will be picked up in survey. By this point, in English Law, you will already have made an offer, which you can revise. Fitting a new kitchen, conservatory, painting and carpets = gazundering, and designed to piss sellers off. That is, of course, assuming they have the luxury of pride. You might get lucky.
  4. If it's not in the official inventory, they could accuse you of littering by leaving stuff behind, and claim on the clearance costs. Of course, then they lose their rights t claim repair costs for said item.
  5. We paid £52K for a sh*tty ex-LEA 3 bed semi in Peterborough back in 2000 (pre-boom) - and it was valued at £65K THEN. We sold part exchange for £125K in November 2006. The current owners have stuck a conservatory on the back and are trying to sell it for £140K! Rightmove link is too long, but it's the top result for pe25xx. It's not going to go back to pre-2000 levels as a market norm without some SERIOUS deflation, and by then we'll all be living in bottlebanks anyway. Of course, without knowing where Steve Cook's property is, how many bedrooms, age of property and the like, we can't really say how much it'll drop.
  6. What on earth have they done to the property in the last year that costs 25K to put right? Set fire to it?
  7. To be fair, I'd rather not die in a ditch waiting for an elderly nun to rescue me, which seems to be the welfare state in India.
  8. When we got our first pad, we bought a three piece suite from house clearance for £75. It lasted a couple of years, although every time we sat down there was a puff of old man and cigar smoke. When we dropped something down the back - car keys, I think it was - we cut out the plastic floor on the bottom to get them back. Along with our keys we found a well-"thumbed" copy of Mayfair from 1986. After that point we couldn't sit in that chair again without thinking about an old man hunched over his speeding fist staring at a furry clopper.
  9. Ikea's sofas are SHOCKING - they're all made out of cardboard for a start, on the understanding that you'll use a shiny cover to hide its sins.
  10. Selling to rent? Can't see it catching on, meself.
  11. Poverty is relative, though - £3 probably buys you a car in Bangalore*. If we are going to take an ethical stand about minimum wages in other countries, it needs to pertain to a cost of living figure, such as the price of a meal for four or something. I reckon I could cook for the wife and kids and have change out of £5.85. *It probably doesn't
  12. Qassam rockets; the only truly effective way to stop countries invading you. You really think they won't have bigger and better firearms?
  13. There is a saying in Brazil - "Drunk arses have no owners." Spoken by a judge throwing out of court the claim by a man at an orgy that he was taken advantage of.
  14. Well, yeah, but it was still above 14% between May 1989 and October 1990, so I think you're quibbling a bit.
  15. I'd say Folk Devils. It's more the equivalent of Serbian women being told that if they come to Britain they are guaranteed a life of prosperity, riches and comfort, but ending up servicing fat hedge fund managers on a grotty mattress in Hackney. State-run institutions are NOT the same quality as private ones.
  16. Assuming Inflation, he has a point. In 1980, rent was 11.18 per week. In 2000 it was 66.52. http://www.york.ac.uk/res/ukhr/ukhr0405/ta...es/04%20072.pdf 11.18 adjusted for inflation is 38.91. Blimey, rents have risen faster than inflation - although property's a funny one. In 1980, an average monthly mortgage payment was 122.60, and as any fule no, near the end of your term your mortgage decreases (assuming no interest rate changes). In 2000 it was 420. Let's pretend that this isn't a matter of the quality of stock, or people shifting their assets. Now, assuming that you stay in the same property, regardless of house prices, your rent WILL rise over the next 25 years - in fact it'll probably quadruple. Your mortgage rate, however, will remain relatively constant - especially if you're on a fixed rate. Plus, you get a house at the end of it. Of course, anything could happen to interest rates, which will throw the whole thing up in the air, but basically, we're all gambling. Some of us are on black, some of us are on red - and we can't both win.
  17. This man does not represent me. Although he does have a point about population. There'd would be a dearth of sexagenarian old men, in particular, in the 1950's, and the 1980's, because of the wars. Now, we have increased lifespans (although not always quality of life) and increased dependent population - yes, many senior citizens are feisty and in full possession of their senses, but not all, and the state, rightly or wrongly, has to use its precious resources to keep them alive and healthy.
  18. Y'know, that whole "World War" thing is losing currency faster than the petrodollar. A 68 year old was born in 1940 - My history's a little shaky; did many five year olds fight against the Third Reich?
  19. A-and there's your answer. You could always try Saudi Arabia if that's your bag, of course.
  20. 300K mortgage?? Six times income on 50K?? No deposit?? Damn right they're screwed!
  21. I tend to think that people can recognise when I'm not entirely serious without the use of smiley icons. Apparently this isn't the case. I shall henceforth punctuate all of my comments with appropriate icons to avoid confusion.
  22. 3 homes and you're concerned about what to do with your money? Hang on, my violin's so small I can't even find it.
  23. There are no such things as political parties. Seriously, they're not even enshrined in our political system - they're just a bunch of elected regional members of parliament who share the same whips, stationery, brackets after their name and marketing budget.
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