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  1. roads are empty, i have noticed a massive decrease in journey times across many routes, i also happen to be a transport engineer / analyst. All the models we use are a waste of time for the future, so many other things will have a bigger effect in the future but we still assume there will be more cars on the road in the future, nuts!
  2. just spoke to a barrats rabbit hutch seller and told him he was gonna need a new job fast he said you just want to buy up all the houses for yourself in a petchulent(sp?) tone! then he hung up, i did offer him 130k for a 200k flat but i wouldnt buy it even for that.
  3. i imagine eric as some tired old scruffy parrot and now and again someone rattles his cage and he awakes squawking Liar Loans continuously
  4. didnt vine say he has just sold up?????
  5. this is a racist forum for racist people, theres nothing for you here i guess she thought you didn't have the money, maybe she was racist, who knows
  6. i have saved 60k in palladium and gold and my parents will give me 100k, bring on the crash!
  7. i saw this on sky, the Asian bird, she seemed a bit weird, like she couldnt say houses would crash or she would be shot but eventually she opens up. very weird
  8. lots of crap gets put on this forum regarding the past and how it relates to the future e.t.c. i see rental prices dropping in my neck of the woods, mk45 and close to london, fuel is going up, food up, unemployment up, the pound down, you cant get blood out of a stone, house prices are dropping and so are rental prices, so many voids its just not funny for the BTL's. Its a mathematical impossibility for houses and rents to do anything but go down. You shall see.
  9. oh dear no 33 sold for 250 on the same day and is detached, muppets, my sister paid 250 for simar type of house in flitwick at same time, and i have already got developers down to much lower numbers on similar stuff in the area and i still refuse to pay up lol
  10. checked out the new estate going up next to the station today and noticed most of the houses and flats did not have interior breeze blocks but appeared to be some kind of chip board
  11. do you have big boobs like your avatar?
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