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  1. My experience of BG is that they are institutionally corrupt or incompetent or both. I won't touch them. I had a year and a half of bills for three different meters, none of which related to me. I wrote to them many times, made endless telephone calls, but nothing made any difference. They just kept sending bills and threats of court action. I eventually realised that the threats were intended to intimidate and make me pay up, so I stashed them away for future reference and ignored them whilst my small claims court case was building against them. Come small claims court day, the stupid fools sent a solicitor to defend their stupid case, which they lost, plus they had to pay expenses incurred by me. I could not believe the stupidity I encountered along the way. The strategy seemed to be, just keep sending the bills. Whatever happens, just keep 'em coming. How many people in that situation would eventually crack under the intimidation and just pay up. I went on a British Gas complaints forum at that time and there were endless similar cases of stupidity, incompetence or downright criminality - take your pick. A dastardly company you shouldn't touch with a bargepole. I feel better now. Will get the beers in ready for Eng / Aus.
  2. Ditch British Gas for a start. No scruples equals record profits. Do a bit of research. Make the phone call. Choose another provider.
  3. So we all keep saying. And wishing and hoping, year after year. But all the theorising has been just that. Theory. There is the inescapable fact to consider that mortgage repayments are currently peanuts (I'm quoting from many I know who have substantial mortgages) and until that changes and interest rates rise, houses are going to remain lousy value. Sad but true.
  4. "....Ian Stewart FRS is an Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick......" Quote. He is also a very silly boy.
  5. Yes. Odd. For someone who was (is) so profoundly despised when he was in office, he has become an irrelevance. No towering statesman he. Seen for what he was, now........a non-entity. Now seemingly trying to slide back into the public eye like the slimey, duplicitous, odious, dysfunctional toad he is. Gordon - it's over. Do one.
  6. Well you obviously DO see what the problem is: Make up your mind. We're moving towards a grim, oppressive system, where nobody has any privacy and the state has you by the throat. Everything is geared to the few controlling the many and the few are able to do it because people don't value their privacy and freedom or they are too daft to see what is happening.
  7. Look, I may be wrong, but sorry, I just don't believe a word of this. Not a word. The system stinks to high heaven and I despise it but I do not think the above is a reflection of hard fact. Can anyone shed more light with a degree of certainty?
  8. What an increasingly grim, horrible little world we inhabit. Chain gang anybody? I'm reminded of the tv ad. a few years back (Heineken??) where groups of ragged, grimy careworn people are pushing huge concrete balls up a hill for no apparent reason. On the way, they pass a pub window through which they can see happy, laughing, smiling, warm, comfortable drinkers, but they have to pass by and carry on, endlessly rolling the concrete balls up the hill...... Whilst there are so many shysters and wasters happy to live on handouts forever, there will be huge numbers desparate for work but it just ain't out there. A lot of blameless people will be caught up in this mess. But be sure that the causers of the mess will probably be just fine thank you very much.
  9. You forgot the caitifs, the footpads, the ne'erdowells and the recidivists.
  10. Sorry, but this is nonsense. What is your evidence for this? I wouldn't be surprised if this is the road we will go down but at the moment I know from a personal transaction (admittedly last year) that it just aint so. They weren't happy but what choice was there for them? If it is a large amount, the general rule of thumb seems to be that you give them a couple of days notice to collect cash. And they will probably want to know WHY you want it (best response is mind your own business). But yes, I agree it is not made a pleasant or easy experience to access your own cash that they profit so handsomely from. You can be perfectly legit, satisfy all the requirements, follow all their wretched "money laundering" guidelines and checks and they still hate it when you want your money out.. But....................... I draw out 25,000 pounds and buy a new car. I fall foul of moneylaundering guidelines? Are you sure? Quite how? What happens? Am I then not allowed to buy the car?
  11. Mass Social Housing, eh? Hmm. Sounds delightful. Can't fakking wait.
  12. Last week, there was a TV clip, (I think it was PM's questions) in which he accused Cameron of wanting to make the state smaller and that that belief lay at the heart of the Tory agenda. As though a smaller state were a great evil. Personally, that made me think of him as a profoundly stupid man. But what an opportunity for Cameron. Why did he not jump up and retort "exactly - we do want a smaller state and so should you." But then again, in this country there are plenty of people who do want a big state - and the bigger the better.
  13. Nice idea but you'd better hope you were at the front of the queue before they stopped doling it out.
  14. Not at all. A most impassioned and thoughtful tirade for someone who is pi$$ed. Would that everyone were as angry you - we would have the ruling elite running for cover. Give it a while - I think there are soon to be many angry people in this country.
  15. I don't wish to be rude, but if you choose to make such a statement about intelligence, please double-check your spelling / grammar. Corrected for you.
  16. Very true. But what still remains is the silly soundbite "we're all in this together". Well I suppose we are really. Up to our necks. Except for the people who played such a huge role in the mess. We [email protected] billions away propping up a corrupt and a failed, disastrously incompetent banking sector, only to see that money [email protected] away again replenishing the already fat wallets of the corpulent ones we have only just bailed out. I find this ruling lot fairly likeable on the whole as personalities, where I despised Brown and the brain dead simpletons who are still out there. But are they going to reign in the excesses of the bloaters in the city? Are they by buggery!
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