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  1. But it's "a good institution". I'm confused.
  2. Hunter gatherers. Ideally, man goes out to work. Woman stays home looks after home and family. All right, fair enough - no chance, it's not going to happen any more, is it. But it's swung the other way now. Seems men don't get a look in, sometimes. Schools, for example, are awash with women, especially primary schools where it is common for nary a single male to be seen, and unusual if there is more than one, out of a staff of ten or fifteen or twenty or more. If that was reversed, think of the howls of "discrimination". The feminisation of our schools has wrought havoc. Women seem to loom large in the media as well - pretty, lightweight, twenty something clones who are so uncontroversial as to be bland, presenting weather or news and the rest of it, seem to far outnumber male counterparts. No doubt plenty of other examples. But the women's lib movement got their wretched "equality" for women and now they can fight for jobs along with men in the work place. How nice for them. All seems like a pile of poo to me.
  3. Sorry, but this is part of the problem. Why on earth would anyone pay 50-75k for pokey North East flat. Why "should" it be going for such a huge amount of money. People talk about 50 grand these days as though it's a mere bagatelle.
  4. Because you get a tasty cornish pasty for a quid when you feel peckish in town.
  5. Because some retard on the end of a phone said you are guilty until proven innocent, doesn't make it so. It's nonsense. They do have to prove you are watching tv.
  6. Most homeowners I know say their mortgages are peanuts. Interest rates aren't going up enough any time soon to make any difference to that. Plus, the government clearly have a vested interest in continuing to keep houses expensive - all the decision makers almost certainly own multiple homes themselves. They aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot financially by letting the market correct - they have kept this ball rolling throughout and will continue to do so. Just as you think, right that's it, houses must start to crash now, they pull another rabbit out of the bag. They are devious and dishonest. There's probably a lot of rabbits to pull out of the hat yet.
  7. Is this tongue in cheek. Assuming it isn't........... What utter nonsense. One of the silliest posts I have read on this forum. If somebody makes a worthwhile contribution to this forum, it matters not whether it is a 1st post or a 20,000th post. Not one jot. ",,,,,,,,You have made the mistake of thinking that someone with 40 posts will be taken seriously......." Wrong. Is 40 some sort of magic number? Or did you pluck it out of thin air on a whim? I think most here will take a poster seriously regardless of the number of posts. Better speak for yourself. ".....Sub 1000 you are still considered 'under evaluation' and need to show humility or you will be ignored...." Wrong again. Ignored by who? Speak for yourself. Is a thousand another magic number? ".....Sub 5000 you are still an apprentice...." Why - because you say so? 5,000...? You like your magic numbers, don't you. Most people on here will take a post on merit as it stands. Are you seriously saying there is a correlation between number of posts and intellect? Or are you trying to curry favour with gurus? This is a pretty good and informative internet forum with a fair amount of good stuff on it. But don't make out it's a big deal. It's just a bloody internet forum so dismount from your high horse. Your proposition is infantile.
  8. Some people just have annoying faces. Most of the Labour party bods just seem to have annoying faces. Gordon Brown - now there's a very annoying face. Harman, Cooper, Balls, Jacquie Smith. All so far up their own asses, so full of their own importance and their divine right to lord it over us,it shows in their faces. I'm sure there's plenty of non-labour annoying faces as well. I'm not making any sort of a political point. Well, maybe just a bit of a one.
  9. Seen the headlines in all the newspapers!? Apparently, a bloke called Alan Johnson who used to be a postman, has resigned!! Fuccin 'ell !!!!
  10. As a matter of interest, what happens if our great leader says "feck off, we're not paying"?
  11. Why? Because some official body or other says so? What a ludicrous, unquantifiable statistic. Would like to hear said body substantiate or qualify it.
  12. If speaking the plain truth and telling it like it is is "rude", so be it. If all politicians spoke from the heart and always told the truth as they genuinely see it, maybe the world would be a better place. Personally, I consider the diet of lies and half truths that we are fed far more offensive than anything Farage comes out with. And consider who he is being "rude" to (or just delivering a few home truths). I wouldn't worry too much about their sensitivities. I don't think they will be worrying to much about ours. Rudeness has its place.
  13. So you feel the best way to "put up a fight" is to mindlessly torch, lay waste and destroy and if I don't agree with you I have the mind of a slave? There are more subtle, more effective and more intelligent ways to take on the powers that be. I'm up for the fight alright. It's a question of what might work best. You are a simpleton. You are dismissed.
  14. Possibly. Most probably not, as passive resistance, non compliance, refusing to vote and give them the power they crave, probably more effective. Violent protest gives them the excuse for more police state type laws and strong arm tactics. They have all the guns.
  15. Whatever. They have to meet their maker, too, just like everyone else. But "they", whoever they are, are probably right to hold the masses in utter contempt. Since being a young 'un, I have always found it bizarre that the millions are ordered around by the very few and meekly go about the daily grind without question, weighed down by laws, taxes, rules, authorities, taxes, restrictions, violations of liberties, taxes, petty officialdom, taxes, enforcement officers, clamping cowboys, taxes, threats, coercion, taxes, regulations, government lies and deceit. Oh, and taxes. Think they call it demokrasee. Summink like that anyway.
  16. What a nasty little piece of work he was. FTB's should go into debt with grandparents to fund deposits? What a state this country is in, that a slime ball like him, and the ruinous strategy he proposes, should be given air time, taken seriously and not even challenged.
  17. Also, since when did having capital earn interest of any real significance.?
  18. Has been the case for some time. "Guide price" is often misleading but gets more interested parties to bid against each other. Anything nice generally finishes up bearing no resemblance to the guide price.
  19. Careful. Messy business and can cause blindness.
  20. What's the point? More wishful thinking. Forget it. It's not going to happen.
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