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  1. "Why everyone owes everyone and no one can pay" by John Lanchester. (Waterstones). Exposes the jaw dropping craziness of the global financial system.
  2. Woodland in a nice coastal area for 6 grand an acre? Are you sure?
  3. As soon as Joe Public gets involved in heavy investment in the latest big thing, it must, surely, go tits up.....mustn't it?? If 95% of the country all pile into gold, does not that alone reduce its value, just because everybody has it .? Prior to 2000, I was heavily into shares and thought what a clever boy am I. Then everybody was into it and we all know what happened next. Same with property - everybody piling in and maxing out in a property stampede. Is this on the cards with gold or will it just keep on climbing to unprecedented levels? Is it different with gold?
  4. Yes. ALL of them. I claim my right to darkness at night. It is in our nature to live with hours of darkness and hours of daylight. Why is half the human species shiit scared of the dark. I wonder how much psychological damage is done by that natural rhythm being denied. They keep threatening to turn unnecessary lights off. I wish they would bluudy get on with it.
  5. It all seems pretty academic. Reasonable plots at anything other than a stupid price just aren't out there, or at best are exceedingly rare. It all seems to have been snaffled and you can't even get a fuccyng look-in. A lot of house sellers will negotiate on the price of their houses, to a limited extent. But try getting a land owner to negotiate. They'll sit on it for years rather than sell for a penny less than what they think it is "worth". Deluded, grasping, greedy, not-bothered-because- don't-have-to-sell, or just a normal approach to looking after number one?? I dunno, but doesn't it just pi$$ you off sometimes.
  6. Couldn't agree more with the first point. As for the "crash" - What crash. Houses are still too expensive (much too expensive) for people in general to buy. There has not, therefore, been any sort of a crash. When ordinary people can afford to buy a modest home with 3 or 4 times income, then you will have had your crash. We are a very long way indeed from that.
  7. "Professional" and trusted (naively) advice / invitation to put hard earned money into a scheme that isn't fit for purpose?
  8. They have tried to build a pretty, "old" Cotswold type village and it's ghastly. Quaint old villages have to grow organically, so to speak. It looks like a council estate.
  9. Two of the most annoying and vacuous intellectual pygmies on the box. Oh no...hang on... there's plenty more like them The BBC actively seek out compliant, servile, politically correct in a left wing bias sort of way, goody two shoes who will not rock the boat or be remotely controversial.
  10. He still sounded like a Dick. You could see his staff cringing with embarrassment. He could have been forceful with a bit of style. Instead, he made a [email protected] of himself. Silly little tantrum. I still take me hat off to surgeons though.
  11. You make it sound like 2 grand plus a month for doing nothing is some sort of entitlment. Preposterous, and a stupid way to run an economy.
  12. It's the price of the land that is so prohibitive. If a modest house costs 80 to 90 grand to build, you're probably going to have to stump up another 160 grand or so to find somewhere to do it. People selling land are every bit as reluctant to drop their price as house sellers.
  13. So there you have it. Part of the problem. Both you and they think a quarter of a million quid is ok for a "reasonable" (hardly sounds inspiring does it?) 3 bed semi. Did they stop to think for one minute just how much 250 grand is? But then it was easy money, wasn't it. Piece of cake.
  14. Have to agree there is a tory slant on this forum. An in built dislike of large state and those who would foist it upon us. An instinctive dislike of ghastly characters like Brown, Blair, Balls, Harman and the other reprehensible creatures that the Labour party revere. I share that dislike. Depending on your point of view, Cameron, Hague and the rest of the crew seem less reprehensible and harder to dislike. They just don't come across as being quite so duplicitous, somehow. They seem quite nice, reasonable people. However, they will probably disappoint and be seen as a$$holes pandering to the rich, cozying up to the bankers, and doing little to halt the decline in quality of life in this country. Why is anyone even remotely surprised that this money is being spent on No. 10? It's what "leaders" the world over do. Beware of men in suits. Don't vote. It only encourages them.
  15. Looks gorgeous but the guide price is meaningless. Just there to suck people in. Or there is some devil in the detail.
  16. You're all too picky. It's stunning. It says so.
  17. Probably the nastiest post I have ever read on this forum.
  18. No. There are 2 obsessions in this country. Houses and cars. It would take a lot more than petrol at 2 quid to make a truly noticeable difference.
  19. All this borrowing. Who is doing the lending? And how come everybody seems to be borrowing like mad but there's countries out there still able to lend gargantuan amounts? Anyone know?
  20. How DO you explain it to the inert majority? Even the many skeptics on here who realise all is not well and the con is just massive - even we / they would probably be even more aghast if we REALLY knew what is going on. How the whole sham is orchestrated, who the movers and shakers pulling the strings of their puppets really are, the sheer monumental scale of the criminality that holds so much sway in our lives. If you are not one of those movers and shakers in the shadows, it is hard to comprehend the vastness of the monetary numbers involved and the routine castration of the masses. We are many and they are few, someone said, but we are bovine and look up to them.
  21. Still finding it hard to tell whether he was hugely inept or very clever and cynical in the way he accomplished so much for his elite masters with his wrecking ball. An enigma. Either way, a pretty evil enigma with, far from having ANY sort of "moral compass", no principals whatsoever. Claimed not to be in it for money, but seems to be following the money. Cast iron guarantee he will make pots of it for pleasing his masters. Therefore, I tend towards the clever but evil slant. He knew he could count on the full support of most of the equally unsavoury characters in office around him and swathes of not very bright working class folk who were too stupid to see through him.
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