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  1. ============================================================================= It looks nice inside, but i'm sorry, you're part of the problem if you think the better part of 200 grand is a fair price for a mid terrace house anywhere. People have become so brainwashed over the past decade that they have forgotten just how much a hundred thousand pounds is. They throw figures like £200,000 around in such cavalier fashion. How long would it take you to count out £200,000? More to the point, how long would it take you to pay it back?
  2. This got me thinking about houses, there is going to be a lot of pain in the housing market over the upcoming months and years, so why not get yourself down to an auction and get a bargain. Flats are going for a steal and I think the price will only go south. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great idea. Quick - grab yourself a flat or two before the price goes south even more.
  3. ============================================================================= Don't be ridiculous. Have a look in a few estate agents' windows.
  4. ============================================================================ same prob here
  5. ============================================================================== Should they? Really? And exactly how do you propose that they accomplish this remarkable feat, pray? People have a perfect right to go where the Hell they like without censure from your good self, sir. (abroard......abroad? australia....Australia? Sorry...pedant.
  6. Post #48 HPC Regular *** Group: Members Posts: 537 Joined: 27-March 07 Member No.: 8,161 Bull or Bear? Bear Is it just me, or can others sense we are actually shifting from conformity to discontent to the beginings of physical protest? I can sense it in the air. People i speak to are generally disatisfied, but a small minority seem to be becoming rather angry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ But that is part of the problem. Only a very small minority are angry, it seems to me. Much of the population are completely oblivious to how inept, dishonest and devious this government is. Or they shrug it off ("what can you do?"). Even though they were trounced in the recent vote, that still equates to millions of people still being prepared to vote for them. How bad does government have to be until everybody recognises it as the wrecking ball it has become? Actually, most governments seem to be wrecking balls. It's just that this one has knobs on. Until enough people are angry and articulate enough to make their feelings known, it's hard to see how the bearing down of the state on the population can be effectively opposed. Civil disobedience anybody?
  7. I was thinking about this the other day. If you look at a satellite photo of the world during night, Britain stands out like a sore thumb. How about turning off all the unecessary motorway lighting between say 11:00 to 05:00? Imagine the amount of energy saved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I lived in a pleasant enough rural village until a couple of years ago. At night, it was flooded with garish, highly obnoxious, orange sodium lighting. Like a bloody prisoner of war camp. Probably zero chance of getting it turned off. Often felt like taking a catapult or air gun to it. If they are really so concerned about the environment, they could start by realising that at night it gets dark. Yes, really. Oh it's all right - it's perfectly normal. You don't need to be worried about it. It's actually the way it is supposed to be, believe it or not.
  8. No. The working class will take it up the **** from New Labour for years to come. As long as it's got "Labour" in the title ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Quite. The dogma is so deeply entrenched that everything is in the name. I asked a seemingly otherwise intelligent English teacher recently why he espoused voting for New Labour. He replied that he had always voted labour. That was it. Nothing else. He did it because he had always done it. It's a tired cliche, i know, but to actually hear somebody who is supposed to be educated (and, worryingly, an educator) actually say it, took me by surprise. The conversation ended there. Stupid people are invariably the most difficult to have intelligent debate with.
  9. Well in my view I think they have done enough damage) - its time these well intentioned but maladjusted individuals steped aside before they DO SOMETHING ELSE.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well intentioned!!????............errrrmm.....run that by me again, please?
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most bizarre. Why would you be convinced he will get through when all the evidence points to the contrary? What a strange post.
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tony Benn lost all credibility (for me at least) a few weeks ago when he announced in an interview "of course, Gordon Brown is a safe pair of hands......." He didn't look or sound convinced while he was saying it, looked slightly embarrassed actually. Now there's a surprise - an insincere politician.
  12. ................................................................................ ................................................................................. .......... His political broadscast the other night was hilarious. The forced, phoney, inane, vacuous smile. Somebody had been giving him smiling lessons, i swear. Or gurning lessons. He seems to be turning into a joke figure and it is richly deserved. The damage he and his wretched party have done this once-good country is incalculable and unforgiveable. He has bullshi##ed his way to the top job he has coveted for so long and now that he has got it he is exposed as just that.....an inveterate, insincere bullshi**er who in no way has the best interests of this country at heart. The trouble is, he and his lot merely need to call themselves "labour" and lots of people vote for them because errrrrmm.......they always have. Strangely, as i write, BBC are just promoting an upcoming programme featuring Gorgon talking about the New World Order. We live in interesting times.
  13. HPC Senior Veteran ***** Group: Members Posts: 4,024 Joined: 11-November 04 Member No.: 767 QUOTE (newp @ Apr 18 2008, 10:03 AM) * It's David Smith who's prompted me to shout at the newspaper a few times over the last 5 years ,,,,,,,,,, Can we PROVE that this guy has a huge BTL "Portfolio" -- and then FORCE him to reveal this? Hallo, my first post. I emailed David Smith about his recent comments regarding "obsessives" on the internet "wrongly" predicting a house price crash. (Wonder who he could have been referring to). Very tetchy. I suggested he had a vested interest which he loftily dismissed as "the usual nonsense". Also claimed that his analysis was "spot on" because he "understood the numbers", as if nobody else did (particularly, presumably, all you "obsessives" out there.) At least he engaged in some sort of rudimentary debate in a know-all sort of way, but came across as supercilious and patronising. Tricksters.
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